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Friday, October 9, 2009

Illustrated Friday: The Curious Garden

This week's installment of Illustrated Friday is The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown. This is another find from the book/magazine section of the grocery store; when I first saw it, the illustrations reminded me of Little Golden Books, but without the creepiness that always seems to go with them.

The Curious Garden is the story of Liam, a boy who has the bad luck to live in a drab, dreary city. Liam doesn't mind it though, and spends his time exploring. While on one of his expeditions, he finds an abandoned and neglected garden next to abandoned and neglected railway tracks, and decides to take care of them. Thriving on attention, the garden spreads and spreads, and new gardeners come to help take care of the ever-expanding garden, until eventually the whole city is green and alive again!

According to the author's website, The Curious Garden was inspired by a real life thing! The Highline in Manhatten, an elevated railway that's been out of use since 1980, has apparently been reclaimed by Mother Nature and now there's trees, flowers, and greenery growing there. A quick trip to google yielded actual photos of the Highline, and the allusions in The Curious Garden are definitely plain to see.

I love books that present nature and the outdoors as something or someplace that's fun to explore. I also love books about gardens and gardening, and bringing people together, so The Curious Garden definitely wins on all counts.

What are your favorite books about the outdoors?

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Tracie Yule said...

The cover is beautiful. I haven't found many children's books with gardens, my daughter and I spend a lot of time in the garden and this looks like it might be right up her alley.

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