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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review: Werewolves

Title: Werewolves
Author: Jon Izzard
Page Count: 192 pages
Publisher: Spruce
Genre: Paranormal, nonfiction
This copy provided for review by MM Publicity

50 words or less: A companion to Vampires, this volume explores another major paranormal phenomenon- werewolves. The author tackles historical concepts of lycanthropy, werewolves in popular culture, and references to werewolves in folklore from around the world.

Just as Team Edward and Team Jacob are preparing to catfight themselves into oblivion with the impending release of the next installment of the Twilight movie, Jon Izzard scores a definite hit with this book, which traces the presence of werewolves and other shape shifters in myth and legend over the course of human history.

The references to popular culture are legion in this book and what's more, they're organized into tables and such to make it easy to find. There are lots of stills from old monster movies as well. The for further reading section is detailed as well, with annotations providing brief plot summaries of the fictional works.

The author provides just enough detail to be interesting in each of the sections of the book without bogging down the flow of the book. This book can be enjoyed either as a cover-to-cover read or as a reference for a trivia fact, illustration, or cultural reference. I found myself enjoying its versatility as I was reading it.

What sets this book apart from its vampire-studying companion volume is that Werewolves includes a bit more detail in the analysis of lycanthropy in popular culture, while Vampires included more historical data. Each book was successful because it focused on the strengths and variety of information of the particular legend it addressed; since there isn't a lot of "factual" historical information on werewolves it only makes sense that there wouldn't be all that many sections on that in here.

Ultimately, Werewolves was my favorite of the two books, but then, I prefer shapeshifter legends to vampire legends, so it's definitely an issue of personal preference. There's something here for everyone, and ultimately I think enjoying the books together is the best way to get the most out of them. The illustrations are spectacular here, too!

Overall Grade: A

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Lizzy said...

This definitely sounds interesting, especially right before halloween. I always think books like this are fun, I love to know the pop culture, as well as the older myths. Great review!

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