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Friday, November 20, 2009

Illustrated Friday: An Egg is Quiet

Watercolor is one of my favorite media for book illustrations. I love the soft tones and details that can be included, especially in books about nature and wildlife. An Egg is Quiet is completely dedicated to eggs of all sizes and shapes, and can be used with a variety of age groups and reading levels. The large print text is almost poetic and gives basic descriptions of the categories of eggs on each page, while the smaller print provides interesting facts about the different animal species. For example:
Seabird eggs are pointy at one end, so if they're laid on rock ledges, they roll around in safe little circles, not off the cliff.

Another awesome feature is the last page of the book, which shows the birds, insects, and other animals that laid all the eggs depicted in the book.

Illustrated books are a neat way for readers of all ages and ability levels to learn new things. I'd never really given much thought to eggs before, but I can definitely see An Egg is Quiet being added to my list of spring read-alouds to share with my class.

Happy Friday!

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