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Friday, November 13, 2009

Illustrated Friday: Manfish

Here's another fun illustrated biography, this time of Jacques Cousteau, the famous oceanographer and environmental advocate.

The illustrations here are paintings and depict events from throughout Mr. Cousteau's life. Some of the pages fold out so the illustrations are HUGE.

My favorite thing, though, is the inscription in the first pages of the book, it's poetic and lyrical and absolutely lovely:
Bubbles rising
through the silence of the sea,
silvery beads of breath
from a man
deep, deep down
in a strange and shimmering ocean land
of swaying plants and fantastic creatures.
A manfish
swimming, diving
into the unknown,
exploring underwater worlds
no has has ever seen
and no one could ever have imagined.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.


Rex's Reading Robot said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post- but I LOVE the giraffe and tree at the top of your blog! SOsososo cute.

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thank's for review

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