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Monday, November 9, 2009

Review: Kiss of Crimson

Title: Kiss of Crimson
Author: Lara Adrian
Page Count: 400 pages
Publisher: Dell
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review was one I owned already

50 words or less: Dante is a Breed warrior who doesn't stick around for the morning after, let alone anything more serious. Tess is a veterinarian with a mysterious gift and a tortured past. They're flung together and some bad news for the Breeds draws Tess into a world she could never have imagined.

Kiss of Crimson is the second book in the Midnight Breeds series and for all intents and purposes lives up to the expectations set by the first book, which I reviewed here.

One thing I enjoyed about Kiss of Crimson is that it jumped right in where the first book left off and didn't waste space re-explaining every little thing that's going on in the overall story. I mentioned in my review of the first book that there were apparent similarities to J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but the similarities have mostly ended here and the Midnight Breeds series is developing into its own unique entity.

Tess and Dante's story is very sweet and develops slowly enough to give enough attention to the relationship without scrimping on details that are important to the action in this book and the stories of future books. New story elements get introduced that make the bad guys more three-dimensional in this book; Crimson, a party drug for people and a deadly poison for vampires, really mucks things up for the warriors and creates story possibilities that hopefully will get more attention in future installments. Other characters are introduced and it's apparent that they'll feature prominently in future books, which is nice.

One thing I didn't like, and this is just a pet peeve of mine (potential spoilers ahead so ye be warned) is how trusting Tess was of Ben, her ex-boyfriend and coworker at her veterinary practice. Tess and Ben were once romantically involved but Tess broke it off when she found out that Ben was dealing drugs. But yet, she still seemed very accepting of him as a person and very trusting of him, even when it became apparent that he was lying to her. I understand that it's hard for real people to believe bad things about people if they don't want to believe them, but Tess had undergone horrible trauma in her life at the hands of deceptive people and you would think she wouldn't be tolerant of that kind of behavior. By the time Tess finally wises up and sees Ben for the douchebag that he so obviously is, it's almost too late. Tess has completely understandable moments of uncertainty about her blossoming relationship with Dante and what it might mean for her future, but she seemed very trusting of her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend's opinion of the situation, which to me was hard to believe. I'm not sure if I was supposed to feel bad for Ben for what ultimately happened to him or not, but rest assured, Ben got what he had coming to him.

Spoilery section over, read with ease.

If you enjoyed the first book in the Midnight Breeds series then you'll probably enjoy this one as well. If you'd like to start the series from the beginning, the publisher has the first book available here as a free download in a variety of formats, including plain old PDF if you don't have a Kindle or anything like that. Enjoy!

Overall Grade: A-


Amy J - Book Addict said...

I love this series! Great review!

Nina said...

I never read this serie, but this one sounds very good. I do adore the cover. Also thanks for the link, I am going to save the book on my computer and than read it when I have the change. :)

Thank you.

Amanda-Lee said...

Does the story follow on with the characters? or is it a new set every time? or is it a new set that ties in with the old ones?

Emily said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@Amanda-Lee it's a little of both actually- some of the characters were introduced in the last book (like Dante) and some were introduced in this book (like Tess.) I think all the books in the series are like this, featuring the same core cast of characters and adding to it with each new book in the series.

Great question!

Sarah said...

Great review - I love this series. It was the first paranormal romance series I discovered so I didn't notice the similarities between this & the BDB until later but I think you're right & those similarities get less & less with every book. I've added your link to my review :o)

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