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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: Winter in June

Title: Winter in June
Author: Kathryn Miller Haines
Page Count: 320 pages
Publisher: Harper
Genre: mystery, historical fiction

50 words or less: Rosie and Jayne are taking their show on the road by joining the USO and heading to the South Pacific to find out what happened to Jack, Rosie's ex. They can't seem to avoid mysteries though, and while they're trying to survive, they're trying to sort out shenanigans too.

Have you ever had a book that you just didn't want to start reading, just because you knew it would be excellent? Or, have you ever had the most recent book in a series and held off reading it, just because you didn't want to be at that spot where you've read all the books in the series and had to wait for the next one to come out? If so I stand with you in solidarity, as that's exactly what happened to me with Winter in June.

The characters are just as spot-on in this book as they have been in the past two installments. The dialogue sparkles, the narration is fun and funky, and Rosie makes a kick ass heroine while Jayne makes a thoroughly excellent sidekick. The mystery is intriguing and we get to find out more about what Jack has been up to (hint: if I didn't want to kick him before, I definitely do now.)

What this book excels at, in my opinion, is capturing the feelings of apprehension that permeated life at that time, that feeling of being forced to live moment to moment, with the violence and uncertainty of war becoming very real as Rosie and Jayne leave the comparative safety of New York City and head to the Solomon Islands, right in the thick of battle. It allowed the author to make some really thoughtful comments about war, patriotism, and morality, while never giving Rosie an awareness that a woman at this time wouldn't have necessarily had. Rosie is aware of what other people would think of her musings and, logically, keeps them to herself, but the reader gets to hear all about them, which adds another facet to the story and keeps things from getting routine or mundane.

When I finished the book I was depressed that there were no other Rosie Winter books to read, but lo and behold, the author's website informed me that the fourth installment is due to be released on May 18, 2010! Entitled When Winter Returns, it picks up with our ladies after they come back from the Pacific. There's an excerpt posted on the website too, and the only words that describe it are oh. Snap.

Overall Grade: A

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