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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review: Claimed by Shadow

Title: Claimed by Shadow
Author: Karen Chance
Page Count: 374 pages
Publisher: ROC
Genre: urban fantasy
Copy for review was one from my personal library

50 words or less: Poor Cassie Palmer. Since finding out that she's the Pythia, the HBIC for all seers and the one responsible for making sure people don't junk up the passing of time and the course of history, life has been one crisis after another. Read on for details!

Claimed by Shadow is the second book in the Cassie Palmer series and the action picks up pretty much right where the first book left off. Cassie finds herself trying to deal with the bombshells she received in the last book (she's the Pythia, she's caught in the crossfire between the Silver Circle of mages and the Senate of vampires and nobody seems to care what she thinks about any of this), trying to deal with her feelings towards Mircea (the master vampire who put Cassie under a geis to keep her virginity intact until such time as he could relieve her of it) and Pritkin (a war mage who pisses her off and gets her motor running in turns.) She has people from the past and the present baying for her blood and unfortunately, the only way out of her troubles is through them, so there are a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of running around.

Quick note about the geis- I admit, after reading another popular series where a geis has a very prominent role (cough cough Merry Gentry cough cough) I cringed a little bit when I saw the element being incorporated here. I'm happy to say that although the geis does make Cassie's life pretty miserable and does complicate the story quite a bit, the squick factor is not there, you don't need a roster to keep track of the sexual shenanigans, and ultimately it's a magical element moreso than a sensual one.

Moving on, the cast of characters swells in this book. All of the main actors from the last book are here, as well as some neat new ones: Casanova is the manager of Dante's Casino and a (sometimes, sort of) ally of Cassie's. The Dark Fey make an appearance in all their yucky yuckiness. Mac is a semi-retired war mage and tattoo artist who specializes in magical wards and is the person that Cassie turns to when the other characters steadfastly refuse to give her any information.

Again, it's hard to discuss the events of the story without giving a lot of things away. The reader definitely has to be paying attention to follow the multiple story lines going on here, because information that helps to decode the plot isn't always forthcoming. Cassie herself has to basically beat information out of people pretty much constantly, which got a little tiring to read after awhile. There were, though, some new elements that were introduced that definitely caught my interest and as always, the really unique world building kept me reading even when the plot faltered a little.

Overall Grade: B


Heather (DarklyReading) said...

I love this series but there are always a ton of characters in the book and so many different story lines that it's hard to keep track of what's going on. I do love Pritkin-he's great!

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

I also need to check the series out too

Veronica said...

I love this series and some of the moments have me LOL!


Liz said...

I like the series but i think that the characters are a little bit boring!!!! yes !! But they have nice covers xD


Elie said...

Great review. I have heard of this author before, but I have not read any of this series yet. Thanks for the review.

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