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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Review: Captivate

Title: Captivate
Author: Carrie Jones
Page Count: 273 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Genre: paranormal romance, young adult
Copy for review provided by Around the World Tours in anticipation of an honest review.

50 words or less: Zara has to grow up, adjust to change, maintain relationships, and figure out her place in a conflict that gets dicier by the minute. She believes in justice and saving the world; she might get a chance to prove it.


Captivate is the second book in this series that reads more like a continuation of Need. We pick up shortly after the end of that book here, and immediately it becomes clear that the temporary solutions to the pixie problem that were devised in the last book are not going to be effective in the long run.

Zara realizes pretty quickly that her role in the drama with the pixies, because of her connection to her biological father, is way more central than anyone would like. Everyone wants to keep her safe, but instead, the lack of information and communication keeps Zara from making the most informed decisions. Her fledgling romance with Nick is frequently challenged because of their individual feelings and prejudices; Nick's deep hatred of pixies is already a problem, especially when a viable rival for Zara's affections shows up on the scene.

Also, and this is certainly subject to change, I am team Astley. We don't get to know all that much about him in this book but there are already enough fissures in Zara and Nick's relationship to make me wonder if true love can conquer all and if Zara wouldn't be better off with someone who "got" her a little better. By all means, though, I want a match for Nick too. I can hope!

Anyway, I loved the elements of mythology that were introduced here, and some seriously creepy bad guys appear too. Where Need suffered from all the backstory that had to be introduced to get the story off the ground, Captivate is all action and drama and mystery that really left me wanting the next book to be here IMMEDIATELY. My jaw just came up off the floor from the ending a few minutes ago, and that's all I'll say about that.

I said it in my review of Need and I'll say it here as well, get these two books together and read them in order, one following the other. When the two books are read together as one long story, it's awesome! As standalone books, they suffer from the information that's present in the other volume not being there. Still, check this series out! Pixies and werewolves and kissing, oh my!

Overall Grade: by itself, B. Together with Need: A


Book Crazy Jenn said...

NEED LOL to read this one! I have both this and Need, but I have not picked up either, I hear they are awesome...Awesome review thanks!

elizabeth said...

I am looking forward to reading this series. Thanks for the review!

Trini said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know you've won a Beautiful Blogger Award. You can grab it at my blog A Book-Lover's Review. Congrat!


BookFreak said...

I LOVE these books.
I love how it ended, well not the bad things of course.
I simply cant wait for the next one!

Shannon said...

I just finished this one! I'm Team Astley too. Although I don't really care what happens to Nick at all. He annoyed me all throughout the book; I guess he's just not the type of guy I find attractive. Astley on the other hand...really, really good.

Emily said...

@Shannon Go team Astley! I find, especially in YA paranormal novels, that I just can't get into the "true love overcoming impossible odds" vibe. I mean, Nick's made a crusade out of killing pixies- that sounds like a real relationship killer to me!

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