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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't Panic! Brave New Knits

A Don't Panic designation means that, although I didn't finish a book, I think it may be appealing to another audience. Not to be confused with a Could Not Finish rating, which means my reading experience was so negative that I had to give up on the book.

Title: Brave New Knits
Author: Julie Turjoma
Publisher: Rodale Books
Genre: crafts, nonfiction, how-to
Copy for review provided via netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review

The first Don't Panic! designation goes to this title because, although the introductory pieces before each pattern were interesting and fun to read, I didn't try the patterns included in the book (I'm still waaaaaaaay too much a newbie at knitting to master them) and therefore don't really feel that I can comment on whether they are accurate or easy to use. Also, and I had a galley copy of this title so it's not the same as the finished one, the lack of illustrations of the included patterns made it hard to see if the styles for each item were things that would be of interest to me or not. Other, more experienced crafters might find the finished version of this book easier to use.

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