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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please Welcome...Vanessa Vaughn

Please join me in welcoming our guest pilot for today here at Air What Book is That? We previously had a review for her novel, Pack of Lies, which was my first M/M novel! Well, Ms. Vaughn is here to educate us, entertain us, and tell us...

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About M/M Fiction But
Were Afraid To Ask

M/M fiction is by far the fastest growing segment of the publishing market today! But
you may be surprised to discover that this success stems from a very unusual source:
straight women.

Yes, we women are the major driving force behind this trend (not gay men). This
startling phenomenon has been dubbed “The Brokeback Effect”, after the enormous
success the movie Brokeback Mountain enjoyed with female audiences. In the end, it
was women who propelled that heartfelt gay romance to tremendous box office numbers
and record-breaking DVD sales, and it is that same trend we are seeing in the publishing
world today.

“But why would women want to read about two men?” you may ask. The simple answer
is: why not? After all, two hunky heroes are always better than one! (Just imagine how
much hotter Twilight might have been if Edward and Jacob forgot about Bella and
focused on a forbidden relationship with each other instead!)

This genre provides wonderful conflict (sometimes in contemporary but especially in
historical novels) as sexy male characters struggle with the dangerous chance of being
caught. There are also a lot of smoking hot novels out there featuring sensual male
werewolves and vampires tempting handsome humans into their dangerous paranormal

And when it comes to the sex? It is definitely steamy! In fact, a lot of female authors
actually find it more exciting to pen M/M scenes. With two men involved, the lovers
are both physical equals. Authors have license to make the sex between them even more
rough and intense than they might with straight characters. There are a lot of M/M erotic
romances available, and some of them are hands down the sexiest and most breathtaking
books I’ve ever read.

If you have never cracked the spine of a M/M novel, now’s a great time to start! These
days, we women are much more free to express our sexuality than ever before; and with
the advent of ebooks it is also much easier to keep scandalous M/M covers hidden from
prying eyes. No one can see what is flickering across the screens of our eReaders or
being delivered to us from Amazon in those plain brown boxes; so if this genre intrigues
you, there’s never been a better time to give it a try!
Thanks Vanessa! Pack of Lies is available now in the following formats:


Vanessa Vaughn said...

Thanks for inviting me! This was a lot of fun!
You can find more info about my M/M werewolf novel PACK OF LIES on my website http://www.vanessavaughn.com. Happy reading! :)

Sparklybearsy said...

Im an out and proud Lover of Manlove Romance, especially if it's with two smexi hot Alpha males. nom :)

Great post!

Kate Douglas said...

Vanessa's definitely written a hot one with Pack of Lies, and I have to agree. While my Wolf Tales series isn't specifically m/m (there are all kinds of sexual relationships within my shapeshifing packs) I do find those relationships more fun to write. There are more dominance issues between men, more layers to the emotional relationship, especially between characters who aren't actually gay, but are driven by desire to follow through with a physical relationship that might, in the beginning, be totally unfamiliar (and often forbidden) to them. The m/f roles are well-established in most cases, but the m/m connection can be a lot more convoluted--and a lot more fun to write. Love is what makes them work--establishing an emotional connection between your characters that spills over and draws in the reader. It's a really fun juggling act--and Vanessa manages to keep all those balls (figuratively speaking, of course!) in the air.

Vanessa Vaughn said...

Thanks very much, Kate! Well put! (And anyone who hasn't read Kate Douglas' Wolf Tales series, grab yourself a copy right now! With a wonderful mix of both M/M and M/F relationships, it is a great introduction to the M/M genre.)

Emily said...

@Kate Douglas Those are very interesting points! I think the dynamics in a relationship in a book can definitely transcend boundaries and that's always something I look for in a book.

@Vanessa Vaughn- Wolf Tales is on my TBR list now!

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