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Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Murder Game

Title: Murder Game
Author: Christine Feehan
Page Count: 446 pages
Publisher: Jove
Genre: paranormal romance, romantic suspense
Copy for review compliments of the public library

50 words or less: Kadan Montague (check spelling) is searching for Tansy, a criminal profiler who uses her...unique...talents to catch her prey. Kadan never planned on getting snared in the process, though.

The Ghostwalker series marches on with this installment, starring Kadan, who we met briefly in the first story, and Tansy, who we may have met by name only in an earlier story but really meet in depth here. This installment is kind of unique; although the standard "Peter Whitney is EVIL and here's the proof, what barriers will the starring couple have to overcome in order to be together" storyline is here in force, it's not really the center plot. Instead, this is where we learn that although creating and controlling the Ghostwalkers was certainly front and center for Dr. Whitney and his creepy cast of comrades, in fact, he had a lot of bizarre side projects going at the same time. Our bad guy was a very busy, evil bee indeed.

This is important to the story of Kadan and Tansy only because the search for a group of serial killers is what initially draws them together. Tansy can use touch to gather psychic impressions of the people who handled or are connected to certain objects; as one would expect, this comes with considerable backlash for her

Kadan realizes immediately that Tansy is a Ghostwalker and grasps pretty clearly the incredible impact that using her talents has on her physical and mental well-being. Kadan never really tries to fight his attraction to Tansy, and Tansy doesn't put up much of a struggle either, which is refreshing, especially in this series.

Some previously featured characters make guest appearances here as a part of the mission to the put the "game" for murderers out of commission, and it's interesting to see how things have progressed for the various couples. Although the primary story line doesn't directly tie into the overall arc of the series, it is an interesting one and the author shows her knack for writing creepy bad guys off with skill.

Kadan and Tansy as a couple are great- their feelings for each other are clear, their commitment to one another is solid, and it's the obstacles presented by the outside world that provide the conflict for the story. While this series definitely leans towards the formulaic, this is a good installment and definitely made me want to keep reading.

Overall Grade: A-


Cleverly Inked said...

Sorry I have not stopped by for a while Been crazy busy. Happy Blogging :)

Emily said...

Thank you- it's good to see you back :D! I hear you on being crazy busy though.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

You know this is the only Christine Feehan series I have not read :( I am going to have to correct that--right after Water Bound next week :)

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