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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Burning Up

Burning Up (Berkley Sensation)Title: Burning Up
Authors: Angela Knight, Nalini Singh, Virginia Kantra, Meljean Brook
Page Count: 343 pages
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review was from my personal library

50 words or less: Spicy hot anthology from four veteran PNR authors.

I'd been looking forward to Burning Up for a long time, at first because of the new offering in the Psy-Changeling series that's included, but then because of the introduction to Meljean Brook's new steampunk romance series as well.  I'm pleased to say that this book lived up to my expectations entirely and even had a few surprises in store.

First up was Whisper of Sin by Nalini Singh, which is the story of Ria, a human, and Emmett, her changeling mate.  Emmett takes it upon himself to act as Ria's bodyguard and it was extremely fun to watch their relationship grow and develop.  It was definitely up to par with what I've come to expect from this series, as well as for Play of Passion when it comes out this fall.
Grade: A

The second story was Angela Knight's Blood and Roses, which definitely had its high and low points.  I admit I wasn't quite comfortable with the romance between the characters (dramatically unfair power dynamics and the so-called "forced seduction" element don't really work for me) I did really enjoy the world and the setting of the story, as well as the idea of a high fantasy/vampire/medieval mashup.  I think this story would have done a lot better as a full length novel, since as it stands the pacing of the relationship was kind of wham-bam-thank you ma'am-I-love-you-forever-and-ever-amen.
Overall Grade: B-

The third offering, Shifting Sea by Virginia Kantra, was the story that, for me, was the most middle of the road.  It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, it just kind of...was.  I didn't find myself terribly enthralled to find out what happened to the characters or how they came to be there, and the world didn't interest me all that much.  I think folks that were already interested in the series might have enjoyed it more; for me it was a pleasant enough story but nothing to write home about.
Overall Grade: B-

The final story and the one that seems to have been the breakout hit of this anthology is Meljean Brook's Here There Be Monsters, which is the story of piracy, technological slavery, invention, romance, Victorian sensibilities, rumors, intrigue, and a second chance romance that really worked for me. This story is also a good example of how uneven power dynamics in a relationship can work to a story's advantage; although Eben (the pirate captain) is definitely holding all the cards, he tries to avoid using them in his relationship with Ivy (the genius mechanic).  He wants to win her on his own or not at all.
Overall Grade: A

It's actually pretty rare that I buy an anthology (I usually opt to get them from the library) but I did spring for this one, even in violation of my promise to not buy books this month.  I guess, though, if I'm going to cheat on my book diet, it's good that it was for a book as enjoyable as this one.

Overall Grade: A

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: Ripe From Around Here

Ripe from Around Here: A Vegan Guide to Local and Sustainable Eating (No Matter Where You Live)Title: Ripe From Around Here
Author: Jae Steele
Page Count: 240 pages
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press
Genre: cookbook, vegan, local eating
Copy for review provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

50 words or less: A celebration of local eating, veganism, and taking control of one's own food and eating, this collection has something to offer everyone (even a non-vegan like me!)

One of my favorite things about cookbooks and recipe collections is that there's a chance to learn more about different cultures, lifestyles, and folks who enjoy things that are new to you. Although I'm not a vegan personally, I am definitely interested in local eating and sustainable food-related practices, which is what piqued my interest in this book.

Ripe From Around Here comes out swinging, with informational sections on seasonal eating, local eating, growing your own produce (even in urban environments or areas where space is at a premium), canning and preserving food, and food sustainability. There's even a section on the political and social ramifications of eating bananas which I found particularly fascinating. The message, condensed in a sentence, is that when you buy products that are made in other parts of the world, you're giving money to companies that interact with people in those areas. Therefore, if you don't support the way workers are treated in a certain geographic location, then buying products from those companies (even if they're cheap) that are engaging in those behaviors is going against what you yourself believe.

There are, according to Amazon, 180 recipes in this book, and each of them is coded according to certain elimination diets the reader might be following (gluten-free, nightshade-free, soy-free, or raw/living) so if certain ingredients are no-nos for you, it's easy to see that at a glance. The recipes are then broken down according to category (Drinks, Sweet Treats, etc.) for easy navigating. Here are just a few that sounded yummy to me and will be finding their way onto my menu rotation:

Savory Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Herb Garden Hummus
Sweet Corn Chowder
Red Pepper and Lentil Soup
Spring Sesame Noodles
Blackberry Peach Cobbler
Apple Spice Ice Creem
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Oh yeah, and side note? The pictures of food in this book are AMAZING. Yum yum!

I think my favorite thing about this book is that it really can be utilized by a variety of audiences. There's a natural appeal to folks who are already living a vegan lifestyle or who are already motivated to eat locally, organically, and sustainably, but this would be a great resource to someone who was on a GFCF (gluten free, casein free) diet, was eliminating mucus-producing food to address asthma or digestive concerns, needed to eat more fruits and vegetables, wanted to boost his/her immune system, and on and on and on. If you're looking for a recipe collection for a specific interest or just really want to expand your horizons then this is definitely a good choice.

Overall Grade: A

Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Friday-

Book Blogger Hop

Friday is here again! Welcome to everyone stopping by from the blog hops. I have three important things to share:

1. This past Tuesday marked my 1st blogiversary! 365 days ago on Tuesday, What Book is That? was born! Thanks again to everyone for commenting, linking, entering giveaways, and just plain reading my posts!

2. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I'm giving away a 2 ARC prize pack! Enter enter enter!

3. As if that weren't enough, I'm also giving away a Linger tank top!

And now, I shall subject you all to the two songs I have been humming pretty much nonstop all week. Have a great weekend!

Illustrated Friday: Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth

I discovered this book on the always entertaining blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, which is all about books and other excellent things, and luckily my library had a copy. This story is adorable- Little Rabbit wants to go to the circus and his mother says he can, after he cleans his room. When he doesn't, he sells tickets to see THE MEANEST MOTHER ON EARTH at the circus...except mom isn't all that mean! Luckily, mom always has a plan to save the day. These illustrations are GORGEOUS, and honestly, what kid hasn't said something like "you're the meanest mother ever!" at some point. This would be a really fun bedtime story for sure. Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Blogiversary Giveaway- Linger Tank Top!

Up next is a giveaway for a really sweet (and pretty unique) tank top featuring the art from Linger by Maggie Stiefvater! I won this during the Twitter party for the book but it doesn't look like it'll fit me. It's tagged a size Large. I'm offering it as a sweet prize to one of you folks!
Details are as follows:

-You must fill out the form below to be entered.
-Winner will be selected through random.org. If you win, you have 48 hours from the time I send the email notifying you to respond with your mailing address, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
-If you are already a follower of this blog, thanks for all your support! Be sure to answer that question on the form for an extra entry.
-The tank top has never been worn or washed.  However, I do have two cats, so now you know about that if that's an issue or concern.
-Deadline to enter is Friday, September 3rd, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST.

Thank you to everyone who has made my first blogiversary such a success so far and good luck to everyone entering!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Blogiversary Giveaway- 2 ARC Prize Pack!

To celebrate my first full year of blogging, here is the first of (hopefully) several giveaways!

 In this prize pack you have a chance to win ARC copies of:

From Goodreads: The truth of the soul.

Lysander Condellarie never understood why he had telepathic and telekinetic powers until the night his Praetorian father tortured him and left him for dead. Now, the half-angelic, half-demonic face he sees in the mirror is a reminder of the monster he must keep hidden or face expulsion from the order of assassins know as the Sicari. But his dreams of Ancient Rome hint at a destiny he finds hard to accept, especially when it involves the woman he loves, but can never have.

The consequences of desire.

A gifted healer in the Order, Phaedra DeLuca witnessed her mother’s murder when she was just a little girl. The haunting memory makes her loathe everything Praetorian. When she travels to Rome in search of an ancient artifact, she must work alongside a man who once cruelly rejected her love and healing touch. But her dreams of Ancient Rome tell of an irreversible and possibly dangerous future. For the distant past and present are about to collide--with the one man she is destined to love. 

From Goodreads: The orphaned daughter of a sorcerer and a half-demon, Savannah is a terrifyingly powerful young witch who has never been able to resist the chance to throw her magical weight around. But at 21 she knows she needs to grow up and prove to her guardians, Paige and Lucas, that she can be a responsible member of their supernatural detective agency. So she jumps at the chance to fly solo, investigating the mysterious deaths of three young women in a nearby factory town as a favor to one of the agency's associates. At first glance, the murders look garden-variety human, but on closer inspection signs point to otherworldly stakes.

Soon Savannah is in over her head. She's run off the road and nearly killed, haunted by a mystery stalker, and freaked out when the brother of one of the dead women is murdered when he tries to investigate the crime. To complicate things, something weird is happening to her powers. Pitted against shamans, demons, a voodoo-inflected cult and garden-variety goons, Savannah has to fight to ensure her first case isn't her last. And she also has to ask for help, perhaps the hardest lesson she's ever had to learn.

Yes, two excellent titles (one paranormal romance, one urban fantasy) can be yours!  Details are as follows:

-You must fill out the form below to be entered.
-Winner will be selected through random.org. If you win, you have 48 hours from the time I send the email notifying you to respond with your mailing address, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
-If you are already a follower of this blog, thanks for all your support! Be sure to answer that question on the form for an extra entry.
-Deadline to enter is Friday, September 3rd, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST.

Review: His Darkest Embrace

His Darkest Embrace (Avon)Title: His Darkest Embrace
Author: Juliana Stone
Page Count: 264 pages (ebook format)
Publisher: Avon
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review obtained via netgalley.com in anticipation of an honest review

50 words or less: Battling enemies on all sides and a raging case of PTSD, Jagger Castille is a jaguar shapeshifter with a death wish. Lucky for him, Skye Knightly can match him in the baggage, strength and battle departments, and happens to need his help.

The very first thing you need to know about His Darkest Embrace is that I enjoyed it way, way more than I did its predecessor, His Darkest Hunger. Jagger has his problems and his trust issues and his danger and deception, but there wasn't the feeling of...disrespect...towards Skye that I felt between Jaxon and Libby in the first book. The story also really comes to life and takes on layers and facets that are unusual and unique (in a good way), and the ending, while not a happily ever after per se, felt authentic and fit the characters and their world.

Jagger made a hasty exit at the end of the last book and we join up with him before he learns how the situation in the last book was resolved. He and Skye run into each other, literally, and Jagger takes a serious interest in protecting Skye and keeping her safe, although he doesn't really understand why.

Skye is having none of that, though. Turns out she's the last of a race that's been charged with protecting a portal that could unleash serious ickiness on the world if it's opened, and she's desperate to keep the portal sealed and the disaster at bay. The sparks fly between her and Jagger and their attraction is unwelcome on both sides; it blossoms anyway.

We met Skye at the end of the last book, so the other characters remember her role in that story; Jagger doesn't though, and he feels all betrayed and horrified when he finds out. The Castille family has a remarkable ability to jump to irrational conclusions regardless of any facts or observations which may or may not be present. For a few pages I thought we were going to veer back into the less-than-enticing territory that occupied so much space in the first book, but thankfully, when Jagger is wrong, he admits it and does something different, instead of doing the same wrong thing over and over again, which is definitely refreshing.

Anyway, the story was tight, the romance was believable, the bad guys are creepy, and while there were still a few shaky parts the end result was quite enjoyable. Julian's story is next, and I'd like to remind him of Wheaton's First Law, which is sound advice for anyone:

Overall Grade: B+

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

One year ago today, What Book is That? was born into the blogging world!  I have to say, what started off as a place to consolidate my reviews and maybe meet some folks who liked the same sort of thing has escalated into a project that personally makes me very proud.  I've met a ton of great people, read a ton of great books, and am looking forward to another great year!  Thank you to everyone who has read, commented on, tweeted, posted, and linked to my posts- this blog would not be what it is without all of you! I'll have more related thoughts (And some giveaways too) in the near future but for now, here's a picture of a scrumptious-looking chocolate cupcake to mark the occasion!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: His Darkest Hunger

His Darkest HungerTitle: His Darkest Hunger
Author: Juliana Stone
Page Count: 373 pages
Publisher: Avon
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review was from my personal library

50 words or less: An epic misunderstanding leads to years of torture for Libby Jamieson, our heroine, years of pain at the loss of his cousin and Libby's perceived betrayal for Jaxon Castille, our hero, and a whole lot of angst for the both of them, right up until the last page.

Dear His Darkest Hunger,

I have waited a long time to write you this letter, and writing it certainly hasn't been easy. I want to start off by saying how excited I was to read you- I love shifter stories, and your description and the great reviews you have received from other people moved you to the top of my TBR pile like a bottle rocket.  I am writing now to tell you that while there were parts of you that I found interesting and unique, there were other parts of you that left me making the face people make when someone grabs the skin on your elbow

Allow me to explain. Individually, the characters that provide the anchorage for your story are great; Jaxon is dark and brooding and muscled and tough and all kinds of things that normally make for a great book hero for me; Libby is tough, sassy, impulsive, and working hard to overcome some seriously craptastic things that happened to her. The emphasis in this analysis, though, has to be on the concept of "individually," as together, these characters are like the sad after effects of trying to combine a pig and an elephant.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Jaxon is a complete dick to Libby for most of the book. Some people feel that he has a good reason for being so angry and combative; personally, I don't. The dickitry continued long after Jaxon found out the truth about Libby's so-called "betrayal" and even after that, he never apologized for being such a douche bag; the best he could manage was agonizing and being all torn up inside. Dude, you treated your mate like crap. I get that Jaxon isn't a huggy feely guy but that seemed cold even by those standards. He's going to need to buy her a diamond the size of her head or an island or something to make up for the nonsense he inflicted on her.

Libby's taken a lot of flak in other reviews for being way too impulsive for her own good and for getting herself into situations that even a slight amount of forethought would have prevented. I have to say, though, that I was on Team Libby for this story; I feel like anyone who survived what she survived with her mind and spirit intact can be forgiven a few missteps. What I did have trouble with, though, was her endless willingness to put up with Jaxon's nonsense. If she was a real life friend and called me and asked what she should do, I would tell her to run, not walk, in the opposite direction, because this guy is baaaaad news.

And another thing, His Darkest Hunger- with the small exception of Jagger, one of the other Castille brothers, your supporting cast did nothing to win me to their side. Maybe my position on Team Libby is to blame for this, but they too were complete asshats to Libby even after it became clear that she did not do the horrible things they wanted to pin on her. Reading Libby finally getting fed up with all of the shenanigans and put these folks in their places was one of the high points of the book for me.

Well, His Darkest Hunger, it certainly seems that you did not live up to my expectations. And yet, I am so intrigued as to what happens in your sequel!  I don't know if I wasn't in the right mood to read you or what, but I confess myself disappointed, although I will be reading His Darkest Embrace just to see what happens with the mythology, the evolving conflict between the leopard clans, and the magic (which were some elements of your story that I did enjoy.)



Overall Grade: C-

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: Waking the Witch

Waking the Witch (Women of the Otherworld, Book 11)Title: Waking the Witch
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Page Count: 309 pages
Publisher: Dutton
Genre: urban fantasy
Copy for review provided by Wunderkind PR in exchange for an honest review

50 words or less:

I'll put this out there at the onset of this review: I've only read one other book in the Otherworld series (Bitten) and so I was unfamiliar with many of the characters and history that these characters shared/were trying to overcome.  As a result, I won't focus on how this book fits in with the overall trends of the series, since I don't really know anything about those, and will instead focus on the experience of reading this book more or less as a standalone novel.

Savannah as a narrator and heroine really worked for me on a variety of levels.  I enjoyed her snark and her sass, her can-do attitude (even though she freely admits sometimes that that's totally a bluff) and her desire to prove herself to the people she loves.  One of my favorite things about the heroines in this series so far is that I find it really easy to understand their thoughts and motivations and to realize why they make the decisions that they do; for better or worse, that's definitely the case here.

The beginning of the story sets us up with a murder mystery with a supernatural twist as a fellow PI, who also happens to be half-demon and a friend of Savannah's adopted father, shows up in the family agency office to ask for help on a case.  Savannah seizes the opportunity to prove that she can handle a case on her own and leaves at once to help solve the whodunnit.

What happens after that is a twisty, turny journey to discover the identity of a gruesome killer, to navigate the drama and prejudices of a small town, and for Savannah personally to make some decisions about the kind of person she wants to be and how she wants other people to perceive her.  There's a smidge of relationship drama, there are injustices that have to be overcome; essentially, there's a lot going on and there are plenty of layers to this story that make it a good read.

I'll tell you my one issue with the book, though, and I am totally willing to attribute this to my having not read any other books in this series since the first one- why is everyone so hard on Savannah?  She mentions past peccadilloes fairly liberally and there was a sense of the other past characters in the book kind of holding their breath as if they were waiting for Savannah to screw up somehow, and then they were somehow shocked when Savannah not only picked up on this, but was upset about it.  I mean, I gather that she hasn't always been the most responsible person or had the best impulse control, but even so, that seems like a lot to hold against someone who in another world wouldn't even be out of college yet.  Even at the end, in the emotional showdown with Adam after the (supposed) resolution of the murders, it was hard to tell whether he was standing by her out of deeper feelings for her or out of a sense of duty and responsibility to Paige and Lucas.  There wouldn't be anything wrong with either standing, except one is the basis of a relationship and one is maintaining the status quo of everyone else being in charge and Savannah acting like/being treated like a kid.  Maybe this is explained in previous books? I don't know.

Anyway, all nitpicking aside, the plot was tight, the narration was excellent and I'm definitely on board to read the rest of the series and future installments as well.  Overall it was a very enjoyable read.

Overall Grade: B+

CSN Gift Certificate Giveaway WINNER!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered my CSN giveaway and helped to be such a success! A big congratulations are due to the winner as well, which is:

Maureen, your email address has been forwarded to Jamie at CSN and he should be in touch regarding your prize!

Thanks again to everyone who entered- my 1 year blogiversary is this week (8/24 specifically) so I'll be having two more giveaways going live this week. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: A Wild Light

A Wild Light (Hunter Kiss, Book 3)Title: A Wild Light
Author: Marjorie M. Liu
Page Count: 308 pages (pdf format)
Publisher: Ace
Genre: urban fantasy
Copy for review provided by Wunderkind Publicity in exchange for an honest review

50 words or less: Where is the line between darkness and evil? Maxine must unravel this mystery as she struggles to understand herself, fight demons, catch a murderer, and regain her sense of self.

I try to not make a habit out of reading a series out of order.  I find that, in a series I enjoy, I like to watch the world and characters develop from the beginning and see the forces that are at work and their origins.  There are a few authors, though, for whom I'm willing to make an exception if the opportunity arises, and this is definitely such a situation.

The Hunter Kiss series has been on my list of books to read for a long time, but, like so many other things, has fallen to the wayside.  Having the opportunity to review A Wild Light definitely jumped my attention and upon finishing this book I immediately requested the other two books currently released from the library, rendering my "no library books" pledge pretty much in tatters. 

Maxine Kiss is a demon hunter with some seriously badass body armor- tattoos that assume forms at night and then stand between her and peril.  Maxine is immortal during the day and defended by her armor beings at night, and the existence of a demon hunter is certainly a tough one, a fact of which Maxine is reminded when she finds her grandfather, Jack, murdered, and her own memories erased and in tatters.  These include the memories of Grant, the love of her life; thankfully he doesn't give up on her and instead tries to unravel the mystery of just what the hell happened while Maxine was unconscious.

What happens next is a deeper exploration of the supernatural goings-on in Maxine's world.  There are forces at work that even she never anticipated; history and ancestry play a huge role in determining her courses of action.  Furthermore, Maxine has to become comfortable with herself and who and what she is again; Maxine is a lot of things but a stone cold killer is not among them.

This story was certainly enjoyable all on its own, but I think the experience will definitely be enhanced by reading the first two books in the series first.  I fully plan on coming back to A Wild Light after I've read the first two installments for a deeper understanding of all the factors that are in play.  If you're looking for an introduction to the series then you certainly won't go wrong here; be aware, though, that this is a connected series and not a sequence of independent novels, so starting at the beginning wouldn't be a bad idea either.  You win either way!

Overall Grade: A-

Friday, August 20, 2010

lIlustrated Friday: They Were Strong and Good

This book is one of those titles that's included in libraries and collections because it won a major award a long time ago, but that probably wouldn't get much of a second glance today. Sure, the artistry is good, and the images and portraits of the people are detailed and involved, but the stories included aren't really all that memorable (the book tells stories about various members of Mr. Lawson's family.) I'm including it here for thoroughness as I wander through the list of Caldecott winners, but this one (the 1940 winner) isn't one I think many kids would enjoy.

Happy Friday!

Follow Friday- Don't Stop the Music!

Book Blogger Hop

It's Friday again! That means it's time to hop and meet new folks!

If you haven't already entered, my $40 CSN Stores gift certificate giveaway, it ends tonight! Enter enter enter!

Follow Friday means that it's time for amusing YouTube videos! This week's theme is Popular Songs Played on Unusual Instruments. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Love Affair with Agatha Christie Novels: A Brief Introduction

I've been reading Agatha Christie novels for a long time.  I mean a really long time.  They're the kinds of books that I can forget about for a year or so (even though I have a couple of story collections that enjoy pride of place on my keeper shelf) and then dive right back in and it doesn't matter that I've read the stories countless times before.  The twists and turns of the mystery are still fresh, the characters are brand new, and I still get a kick out of the vocabulary and cadence of the writing.

I revisited four Agatha Christie novels (two Poirots and two Marples, to be exact) this past week, and it occurred to me that these books were the perfect way to introduce a feature idea that I've been kicking around for awhile now.  And so, without further ado, I bring you:

The Alphabet Soup Book! But what, you ask, is an Alphabet Soup Book?

An Alphabet Soup Book is a book that, in my opinion, is kind of above reviewing. These are books that I can trust to engage me and entertain me and lift my spirits when other books just fall short of the mark. You know how when you're home sick with the flu and the thought of doing anything is so exhausting, but you can revisit a familiar book and somehow feel better? These are books that wield those skills.

I'm kicking this off with a bang by introducing four books that fit the bill as Alphabet Soup Books! If you're a newcomer to the world of Agatha Christie's mysteries, I can definitely recommend using these as a springboard into the rest of her work (she's written a ton of books so there's plenty more where this came from!

Hickory Dickory Dock: A Hercule Poirot Novel

In Hickory Dickory Dock (or Hickory Dickory Death, which is the other title) Hercule Poirot, Belgian detective extraordinaire, is called in to consult on a case where a series of seemingly random and worthless items are stolen from a rooming house for students that's managed by the capable sister of his even-more-capable secretary, Miss Lemon. Murder, mayhem, criminal activity, and speculation on the role of evil in the human mind follow. If Poirot wants his secretary's work back up to its usual standards, he has to help catch the killer!

Cat Among the Pigeons

Cat Among the Pigeons brings Poirot to an exclusive girls' boarding school in search of missing jewels and a murderer. Everyone has a secret in the insulated little world of Meadowbank, but all the secrets come out in the end, including some that I personally never saw coming.

A Caribbean Mystery: A Miss Marple Mystery
Miss Marple goes on a tropical vacation, and solves murder after murder while she's there! I remember this story from my early days with Agatha Christie's stories and I love it just as much now as I did then.

The Murder at the Vicarage: A Miss Marple Mystery
This book is what spawned my secret love affair with cozy mysteries, especially ones with village settings. The fact that there are maps because the comings and goings along the paths and walkways of the village always entertains me, and sometimes it's nice to read a story where the person who seems like the logical suspect is, in fact, the guilty party, although how we get from point A to point B in this story is a journey in and of itself.

I'll be introducing more Alphabet Soup books periodically, but I can definitely recommend these titles to anyone who's looking to get started reading Agatha Christie mysteries. The language and attitudes definitely reflect the period of origin, but the clues and winding paths of the story are definitely timeless.Photobucket

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Blog With Bite

The Valkyrie: Valkyrie, Book 1
This wee's installment of eBites comes right from the folks at Samhain Publishing!  I was browsing the new releases page at the Samhain website and noticed the second installment in this series was released on August 17th! I have a thing where I avoid reading a series out of order, so I'm planning (at some point) on starting this series from the beginning with installment number one, The Valkyrie.  Even the description sounds exciting:

Resurrection’s a bitch.
Valkyrie, Book 1
For Valerie Falkyr, “Who am I?” isn’t the only unanswered question. It’s where she was before she woke up four years ago. All she knows is she has one best friend. And Payton, the doctor she trusts with the shreds of her life.
Just as her relationship with Payton starts to heat up and Valerie begins to reach out for something like a normal life, a series of bizarre and unexplainable events begins pummeling her from all sides. Leaving her with a new question to add to the list: “What am I?”
Magical abilities she didn’t know she possessed are emerging. And dreams of a former life she doesn’t want to remember leave her in a cold sweat.
As darkness descends and old enemies resurface, Valerie finds herself caught in a dark, bloodthirsty world with no way out. Her only defense—Lucha, Gregory and Kerr, three not-quite-human lovers from her inked-out past.
The only question left is whether she will survive long enough to remember which one loved her most…
This book was previously published.
Warning: Contains temperamental female who can and will toss magik at anyone who ticks her off, hot hunky immortal men who have a history of heating up the sheets with her and some kick ass fight scenes.
I'm intrigued! And for a cover price of $4.50, it sounds like a steal! Click here to order from My Bookstore and More or click the cover to order for Kindle!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekly Geeks: A Blast from the Past

Although I don't participate nearly as regularly as I'd like, this week's challenge on Weekly Geeks is too good to pass up!

The challenge is to revisit a past challenge and participate, either again or for the first time! I did some browsing through the archives and it didn't take me long to figure out which challenge was right for me- the one on catching up on reviews that have yet to be written.  Isn't that the inevitable aftermath of a read-a-thon? Now that I've spent the weekend reading a bunch of books, I now have a bunch of reviews to write!  Here's the list so far:
Hickory Dickory Dock: A Hercule Poirot NovelCat Among the Pigeons (Hercule Poirot Mysteries) A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple Mysteries)The Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple)Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)A Wild Light (Hunter Kiss, Book 3)Burning Up (Berkley Sensation)Wolf Signs: Granite Lake Wolves, Book 1Wolf Flight: Granite Lake Wolves, Book 2Wolf Games: Granite Lake Wolves, Book 3Bonds of Justice (Psy/Changeling)His Darkest HungerHis Darkest Embrace (Avon)Tyger Tyger: A Goblin Wars Book

Cookies to Amazon if all the pictures show up!

Anyway, the pile of books to be reviewed always looks a lot less...substantial, I guess, when it's just a list in Google Calendar, but seeing it this way makes me realize that I'd better get a move on! Have you read any of these books and if so, what were your thoughts? Do you have a preference for reviews you'd like to see first? Share please!
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