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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Adventures of Dee the Kindle: One Month In

It's been just over a month since Dee the Kindle arrived at my door, and so far I have to say, it's been a beautiful, beautiful relationship.  I've found the Kindle to be very user friendly and intuitive to use, with a number of great features that I've found very helpful.  While I definitely have more to explore, here are some things that I've used and enjoyed so far:

Easy access to my books.  I think this will be the feature that wins me over to the ebook dark side permanently.  It's awesome to be able to pull out my Kindle and automatically have access to all the books I've bought for Kindle so far.  Would I spend the money to convert my print library to Kindle? Not at the moment, but I definitely check to see if books I want are available for Kindle before I spring for a print copy.

3G.  This feature has been a lifesaver, especially with the recent move and all my computer equipment being packed away.  While it's not ideal for extended use, it's a good option if you want to check your email or another quick task.  This feature on the Kindle has truly helped me realize the extent of my email addiction.

The E-Ink Screen.  It's incredibly refreshing to read on a screen that doesn't hurt my eyes.  I didn't think I minded reading on my netbook before, but now that I have the Kindle screen for comparison, the computer screen is a distant, distant second.

One Click Ordering.  When I want a new book in the middle of the night, there it is! Pre-ordering is easy, purchasing is easy, and when I'm in the middle of a series and HAVE TO HAVE THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW, I can get it without leaving home! (I just devoured Vivian Arend's Granite Lake Wolves series that way, actually.)

Crazy Long Battery Life.  I'm pretty bad at remembering to charge things so this is a huge asset to me.

A lot of people are deterred from buying an ereader because of the upfront cost of actually purchasing the device. Well, I have an answer to that too, and admittedly this is one of the reasons I opted to get a Kindle instead of one of the other devices out there. The solution to the price issue is the Amazon Trade In Service, where you can send books, movies, video games, and game consoles/electronics to Amazon third party merchants in exchange for an Amazon gift card. The shipping is free, the whole process start to finish (for me) took less than two weeks, and by getting rid of things I didn't want, I made over a hundred dollars! Don't be fooled by the textbook trade in label for books, either- there's a good market for recent trade and mass market paperbacks as well. If the item page says you'll get a certain amount of gift certificate credit, you'll get it! It really is that easy.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, I've begun using Amazon Affiliates here at What Book is That? as well. Every click and subsequent order helps, friends, and the funds from the affiliate endeavor will go back into giveaways here at the blog. Help me give you stuff!

So what's next for me as a Kindle owner? I'm pleased to say I ordered the following as a safe haven for Dee the Kindle from Borsa Bella on Etsy:

My first choice print was the awesome one with the giraffes, so I'm definitely looking forward to receiving, reviewing and using the bag once it arrives!

What has your experience with ebooks and ereaders been so far? Do you have one/want one? What one do you have/want? What's deterring you from getting one if you don't have one currently? I think the whole subject of print versus digital books is fascinating, so comment away!


jackie b central texas said...

My experience so far is with my Adobe Reader, my Nook app and my Kindle app all on my Mac computer. It is not a bad way to read if you do not mind sitting in front of the computer that many hours for a good book. The only thing keeping me away from the actual buying and using of an e-reader for real is the fact that in my book shelves I have 300 and counting books to read now and with an e-reader the one-click buying would quickly put that into the 1,000 range because I know myself very well when it comes to cheap books cannot quit!
At some point when the technology stabilizes and the market decides to make all of the readers more or less compatible with any format of e-book will probably get one. For now I need to get off my computer, my email and my blogs and read my huge list of books I already own!
{also have about 40 or so FREE e-books on my computer to read so that tells me if got a portable one it would escalate immediately into a bigger problem}

jackie ^_^

Patty said...

I love love love my Kindle, too...it is my number one travel accessory...not a moment wasting time choosing books...I can Whispernet anything moments before stepping on a plane or in the car on a car trip...the only place I can't Whispernet books is in Camden,Maine...it just does not work there...I just ordered Kindle 3...my Gen 1 Kindle will go to my sister. It is really too easy to buy books...but so much fun!!!

JenM said...

I can't even begin to express how much I love my Kindle. I've had one for two years and I'm still in love. I just bought an iPhone, and now I'm using the Kindle app on it also, but I like e-ink pages a lot more than backlit ones, plus, you really drain the battery on the iPhone if you read for any length of time - it's really for emergencies only (ie. when you are stuck in a line without your Kindle).

However, one-click is deadly! I went a little crazy the first year, then I finally put myself in a strict book budget to try to get it under control.

Beverly said...

Love, love, love my Kindle!!!!! Never thought I would ever truly like it, much less love it - but I can honestly say I don't know what I would do without it now. Read on it every day. It goes everywhere with me. So glad to hear so many others liking theirs too!

Missie said...

Emily! I'm so glad you are enjoying your Kindle. I can't believe I used to be so against e-readers.. and now I've just ordered the new Kindle when my old one is still awesome!

You may want to check out gela skins for your Kindle. They are so fun! I love sending them as presents to all my Kindle loving friends: http://www.gelaskins.com/store/skins/ipad_and_ereaders/Kindle_2

Emily said...

@Jackie B- I was kind of in the same place, and then I figured hey, that hasn't stopped me from buying more print books!

@Patty- Indeed it is! I'm mostly excited about (maybe? someday?) having all of my books in one place, portable and ready to go. At least that's my goal!

@JenM- That's what I've heard. My dearly beloved loves my Kindle because he's been reading onscreen for so long. The e-ink is incredibly easy on the eyes.

@Beverly- Oh, Kindle, you're so beautiful. :D

@Missie- I was so undecided for a long time and then I just decided to go for it. I'll definitely have to check out that site for skins too!

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