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Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't Panic: Unspeakable

UnspeakableTitle: Unspeakable
Author: Laura Griffin
Page Count: 384 pages
Publisher: Pocket Star
Genre: romantic suspense
Copy for review provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

50 words or less: FBI rookie Elaina McCord gets called in to profile a serial killer who's targeting girls at a Texas resort. Instead of working with the police or the lab or anyone she's supposed to be working with, she ends up working with Troy Stockton, a true crime writer.

Although I'm a newcomer to the works of this author, I was interested to dive into the world of this series with Unspeakable, which is the second book in the series (Untraceable being the first.)  While the premise of the book is certainly intriguing and the setting felt authentic, the characters were just plain old boring boring boring stock photos of what may actually be real people somewhere.  Elaina felt incompetent, nervous, and easily manipulated (I gave up on this story about the time Troy just changed her hotel room without asking and she just went along with it) and Troy felt like a self-centered, arrogant good ole boy with a healthy does of chauvinism on the side (when making an inappropriate comment about a murder victim, it doesn't matter if you only wanted to "needle" the heroine, your comment is still inappropriate.)  I found the pace of the action was also not substantial enough to carry me through those elements of the story; lots of forensic clues are introduced but not explored and there are other characters running all over the place without any real inclination of what's going on.

So why did this book get a Don't Panic! and not a Could Not Finish? Honestly, I can see this being the kind of book that I could pick up a year from now and enjoy. Sometimes you just have to be in the right frame of mind for a book and I can feel that I wasn't in the right frame of mind for this one. Other folks will (and have) enjoy this book and the reviews are out there to prove it.  I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading it if they asked me, but I personally think I'm all set.

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