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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Blog With Bite

The Valkyrie: Valkyrie, Book 1
This wee's installment of eBites comes right from the folks at Samhain Publishing!  I was browsing the new releases page at the Samhain website and noticed the second installment in this series was released on August 17th! I have a thing where I avoid reading a series out of order, so I'm planning (at some point) on starting this series from the beginning with installment number one, The Valkyrie.  Even the description sounds exciting:

Resurrection’s a bitch.
Valkyrie, Book 1
For Valerie Falkyr, “Who am I?” isn’t the only unanswered question. It’s where she was before she woke up four years ago. All she knows is she has one best friend. And Payton, the doctor she trusts with the shreds of her life.
Just as her relationship with Payton starts to heat up and Valerie begins to reach out for something like a normal life, a series of bizarre and unexplainable events begins pummeling her from all sides. Leaving her with a new question to add to the list: “What am I?”
Magical abilities she didn’t know she possessed are emerging. And dreams of a former life she doesn’t want to remember leave her in a cold sweat.
As darkness descends and old enemies resurface, Valerie finds herself caught in a dark, bloodthirsty world with no way out. Her only defense—Lucha, Gregory and Kerr, three not-quite-human lovers from her inked-out past.
The only question left is whether she will survive long enough to remember which one loved her most…
This book was previously published.
Warning: Contains temperamental female who can and will toss magik at anyone who ticks her off, hot hunky immortal men who have a history of heating up the sheets with her and some kick ass fight scenes.
I'm intrigued! And for a cover price of $4.50, it sounds like a steal! Click here to order from My Bookstore and More or click the cover to order for Kindle!


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Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

This is when I wish I had an ereader. Grrrr

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