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Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Friday-

Book Blogger Hop

Friday is here again! Welcome to everyone stopping by from the blog hops. I have three important things to share:

1. This past Tuesday marked my 1st blogiversary! 365 days ago on Tuesday, What Book is That? was born! Thanks again to everyone for commenting, linking, entering giveaways, and just plain reading my posts!

2. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I'm giving away a 2 ARC prize pack! Enter enter enter!

3. As if that weren't enough, I'm also giving away a Linger tank top!

And now, I shall subject you all to the two songs I have been humming pretty much nonstop all week. Have a great weekend!


Brooke said...

Thanks for following me!! I am also excited to follow your blog and I completely forgot about that Rhianna song!!

Alissa said...

Nice blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. :]

I do like the idea of using letter grades for a rating system instead of numbers. I might have to try that sometime.

Have a good weekend!

Anne Royce said...

Hiya! You have an award on my blog :)

Click here :)

Candace said...

Thanks for hopping by, I'm now a follower. I LOVE that first song. I don't think I've heard it before. The video is pretty cool too. I'm off to check out the giveaways.

Danielle said...

Hi, found you through the hop...love your blog!I'm a new follower. Hope your having a great weekend!

Danielle @ everylastpge.blogspot.com


Hey thanks for stopping by today! I was already following you. Glad you liked my blog.


Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

Hey hon!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

Just hopping by....

Stop by my blog if you get a chance for reviews on I'd Know you Anywhere by Laura Lippman, Saving Cee Cee Honeycut by Beth Hoffman, and many others.

Happy Hopping, Everyone....hop on over to my blog to see my answer to the rating question.


angelatarantula said...

congratulations on your first blogoversary! Something to be very proud of! Yay, I'm the 400th follower... I feel special. hehehe

Alison said...

Thanks for the comment on Grace's parents in Linger/Shiver. Definitely some insightful points. I'm a follower.
Have a great weekend!
Alison Can Read

Deepali said...

Hi! This is my first hop :)
Congrats on the first blogoversary! Im a long way away from that at this point..Though I just had my first contest (which resulted in the new name for my blog) - do stop by!
e-Volving Books

Susan said...

Congrats on your first blogoversary! How cool. I'm glad to have found you via the Hop.

Charlie said...

Hi! I gave you an award!
You can pick it up here: http://www.bitsyblingbooks.com

You can go to
and click on the picture of the award on the left side of this site and it will give a page that will allow you to copy the text needed to post the award to your blog. For listing the fifteen blogs, just copy and pasted the links of the new blogs you've found and create a hyper link to them so when you click on the name it takes you to their site.

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