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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Link Rodeo- EBooks and EReaders

While it may seem (and certainly feels to me now) that deciding to purchase a Kindle was an easy and logical choice for me, in reality, I did a royal crapton (and yes that is a technical term) of research as well as a lot of reading on the subject, because there really are a lot of small decisions to make before purchasing an EReader, since price, functionality, and so many other factors are so different from device to device. With that said, I wanted to consolidate the resources that I used so that other folks who are considering coming over to the EBook dark side don't have to start from scratch. Here's the Link Cowgirl (thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the image) with some interesting EBook/EReader sources for your viewing pleasure, broken into categories for easy reference.
What Kind of EReader Should I Get?
EReader Comparison Chart by KindleVixen  Straightforward and easy to use, this is a good primer to see some of the different devices that are available and different features to each.

Dear Author: E Book Format And Device Table This chart is handy if you already have a lot of e books on a different device or are anticipating getting a lot of ebooks in one format and want to make sure your device is compatible.

Dear Jane: What Ebook Reader Should I Buy? Dear Jane is a weekly post on Dear Author that addresses different issues related to ebooks and ereaders. This particular installment asks some good questions that you should consider before buying a device, since obviously different devices have different strengths.

Device Specific Reviews
Musings on the Nook 1 by Pop Culture Junkie This post was a good, balanced look at the Nook.

Why I Heart My Kindle: In Depth This post from Kindlelicious sings the praises of (wait for it) the Kindle.

EBook Safety and Security
Calibre E Book Management is free and open-source and can be used to back up your ebooks, or catalog your print books if that's what you're into!

Backing Up Your Books Ms. KindleVixen addresses a common question about ebooks, that being how to keep them safe and secure. Calibre plays a prominenet role here.

Dear Jane: Can I Use Calibre to Manage my Paper Books and Dear Jane: How Do I Use the User Columns and Saved Searches Feature of Calibre provide more information and how-tos on what Calibre can do for you. I admit I have yet to do anything with Calibre but it's definitely on my to-do list.

EBook Price Comparison
EBookPrice.Info- Plug in some info about the ebook you're looking for (author, title, etc.) and the price comparison is done for you! This was brought to my attention by A Taste for EBooks, which is a fun blog that features ebook info and reviews of romance ebooks (my kind of thing!)

Free EBooks
If comparing prices isn't your thing, here's a list of Resources for Free Kindle Books from KindleVixen.

These are the highlights of the posts that helped me in my journey to ereader ownership, hopefully they'll be helpful to you as well if you're in the same boat!


jackie b central texas said...

Emily this one will be bookmarked and thanks so much for all the wonderful links to check out info from... I am slowly but steadily making my mind up about getting an e-reader some day but that some day may be years it may be hours it just depends in the end how much willpower I have to wait!

This is great to have all the resources you found in one post and now on to more reading/researching what others have to say!

jackie ^_^

Carin B. said...

Oooo...I will definitely use this post! Thanks! Will also tweet it! I have two e-book readers (yup...I'm married to a techie and get toys occasionally! Weeee!) so this is a great post to refer to for books and comparisons.

Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info said...

Great post! I chose a nook myself, but that was because I needed something that could take epub documents that I get from work. This was a very good post though--I wish it had been available when I was searching for an e-reader--they don't make it easy for you! Unfortunately, I bought mine when the prices were still high, but I love my nook and couldn't live without it now. Congratulations on your Kindle! This is an excellent resource! (I will probably be referring my library patrons to your site when they ask me next!) :)

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