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Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: His Darkest Hunger

His Darkest HungerTitle: His Darkest Hunger
Author: Juliana Stone
Page Count: 373 pages
Publisher: Avon
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review was from my personal library

50 words or less: An epic misunderstanding leads to years of torture for Libby Jamieson, our heroine, years of pain at the loss of his cousin and Libby's perceived betrayal for Jaxon Castille, our hero, and a whole lot of angst for the both of them, right up until the last page.

Dear His Darkest Hunger,

I have waited a long time to write you this letter, and writing it certainly hasn't been easy. I want to start off by saying how excited I was to read you- I love shifter stories, and your description and the great reviews you have received from other people moved you to the top of my TBR pile like a bottle rocket.  I am writing now to tell you that while there were parts of you that I found interesting and unique, there were other parts of you that left me making the face people make when someone grabs the skin on your elbow

Allow me to explain. Individually, the characters that provide the anchorage for your story are great; Jaxon is dark and brooding and muscled and tough and all kinds of things that normally make for a great book hero for me; Libby is tough, sassy, impulsive, and working hard to overcome some seriously craptastic things that happened to her. The emphasis in this analysis, though, has to be on the concept of "individually," as together, these characters are like the sad after effects of trying to combine a pig and an elephant.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Jaxon is a complete dick to Libby for most of the book. Some people feel that he has a good reason for being so angry and combative; personally, I don't. The dickitry continued long after Jaxon found out the truth about Libby's so-called "betrayal" and even after that, he never apologized for being such a douche bag; the best he could manage was agonizing and being all torn up inside. Dude, you treated your mate like crap. I get that Jaxon isn't a huggy feely guy but that seemed cold even by those standards. He's going to need to buy her a diamond the size of her head or an island or something to make up for the nonsense he inflicted on her.

Libby's taken a lot of flak in other reviews for being way too impulsive for her own good and for getting herself into situations that even a slight amount of forethought would have prevented. I have to say, though, that I was on Team Libby for this story; I feel like anyone who survived what she survived with her mind and spirit intact can be forgiven a few missteps. What I did have trouble with, though, was her endless willingness to put up with Jaxon's nonsense. If she was a real life friend and called me and asked what she should do, I would tell her to run, not walk, in the opposite direction, because this guy is baaaaad news.

And another thing, His Darkest Hunger- with the small exception of Jagger, one of the other Castille brothers, your supporting cast did nothing to win me to their side. Maybe my position on Team Libby is to blame for this, but they too were complete asshats to Libby even after it became clear that she did not do the horrible things they wanted to pin on her. Reading Libby finally getting fed up with all of the shenanigans and put these folks in their places was one of the high points of the book for me.

Well, His Darkest Hunger, it certainly seems that you did not live up to my expectations. And yet, I am so intrigued as to what happens in your sequel!  I don't know if I wasn't in the right mood to read you or what, but I confess myself disappointed, although I will be reading His Darkest Embrace just to see what happens with the mythology, the evolving conflict between the leopard clans, and the magic (which were some elements of your story that I did enjoy.)



Overall Grade: C-

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Marq said...

I felt the same way when I read this book. I debated about reviewing it for my blog but went ahead and reviewed it. I thought the book was at its best when Libby still had amnesia. I thought Jaxon and his crew were super dicks! I didn't understand why none of them apologized. Totally turned me off. But like you, I want to read the sequel because I'm hoping Jagger's story will be much better.

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