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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: Aching for Always

Aching for AlwaysTitle: Aching for Always
Author: Gwyn Cready
Page Count: 448 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: time travel romance
Copy for review provided by the publisher in anticipation of an honest review

50 words or less: Interesting things can happen when you mess with time, as Hugh Hawksmoor (hailing from 1706) and Joss O'Malley (representing the present day) have discovered the hard way.  Throw in maps, intrigue, mystery, and a healthy dose of romance, and you have a very fun, unique story.

Gwyn Cready has been a guest here at What Book is That? before, and I thoroughly enjoyed her last book, Flirting with Forever, so signing up for the tour for her newest release made perfect sense.  Well, life got in the way and in grand Emily style, the date of the tour made a nice noise as it wooshed past, but that's not to say that this book wasn't excellent.  Aching for Always is a flirty, fun book that has a lot of interesting information in addition to a great romance and a well-paced adventure.

The level of detail in this book, whether it be regarding the historical periods covered by the book, or mapmaking, or even the characters' feeling and motivations, was easily my favorite part of the book.  I got a good picture of what goes into making a map as well as details about life and behavior in other time periods, which is something I always enjoy as as a reader.

The romance and the developing relationship between Joss and Hugh is exciting and fun to read about, as they both have to overcome their issues and figure out how they're going to be together...or if they even want to be together.  SUSPENSE!

I thought the added element of the role that Joss's fiance played in the story mixed things up in a good way, and the extra excitement from the stuff you do in the past having an effect in the present/future when you time travel was interesting as well.  This is definitely the kind of book that you have to buy into and accept the rules of the world for what they are in order to fully enjoy the story, but if (like me) you were able to do that then this was a very fun book indeed.

Overall Grade: A


Kulsuma said...

This seems really interesting. I've always liked time travel. Good review.

Llehn said...

Hmm ... I've never thought about what goes into making a map before.

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