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Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Tracker's Sin

Tracker's Sin (Hell's Eight)Title: Tracker's Sin
Author: Sarah McCarty
Page Count: 313 pages
Publisher: Spice
Genre: Western, historical romance
Copy for review from netgalley.com in anticipation of an honest review

50 words or less: Tracker Ochoa has set out to find Ari, twin sister of one of his best friend's wives, to bring her home to the ranch and hopefully spare her any further abuse at the hands of monsters.  He didn't plan on falling in love with her and doesn't want to even hope that she might want to keep him around.

Well, here's another series that's getting the old heave-ho.  I've read all four books published in this series to date and as of right now there isn't enough get up and go between them to keep me wanting to invest the time to read any further.  This story felt forced, from start to finish, and at the end I was left with only one question: who cares?

This is exceptionally disappointing because the raw material was here (and let's face it, always has been) for this to be an awesome story.  The Wild West setting is always a favorite, the drama had the potential to be there, the establishing of a new family (Ari has a young son by one of her attackers but that doesn't affect the deep love she has for him) and Tracker has the potential to be a powerful character force.  These two are thrown together and find themselves deeply attracted to one another (and married, but who's keeping track) but doubt each other and their relationship every step of the way, almost right up until the last page, and that was frustrating for me as a reader. First of all, even with the pseudo drama between the twin sisters (You left me! No I didn't!) there was no way they were going to just up and leave and head back East, and second, even if they did, word has probably gotten around that their time on the frontier has been horrific to say the least and that would make them easy targets for all kinds of discrimination and problems.  Besides their fortune, which is currently making them the target of a greedy lawyer and some other toolbags, there's nothing waiting for them anywhere except where they are.  That drama was a non-starter from the beginning.

The story didn't really pick up much momentum at all until they all arrive back at the Hell's Eight ranch.  From there, the drama centers around Ari trying to find a place for herself, trying to forgive Desi for being the one that got rescued first, and trying to convince Tracker that she actually does want to be his wife.  This was not nearly as interesting as it sounds.  At this point I was just ready for the book to be finished.

Sigh.  There's a new series coming from this author in February that starts with Reaper's Justice and it's a historical romance series featuring werewolves, but I can't bring myself to be disappointed again by another lackluster offering.  Time will tell if I take a chance on this new series, but in terms of this one I am all set, and that's pretty sad.

Overall Grade: D


Missie said...

Awe. I'm sorry this one didn't work out for you. I know I hate feeling frustrated as a reader. It makes me what to give up on the story, at least you stuck to the series to make sure it wasn't working for you.

Kulsuma said...

sorry you didn't like this:( i hate when books disapoint!

Kulsuma said...

TYPO!!:/ *disappoint

Llehn said...

Sorry you didn't like this one :(

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