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Friday, December 3, 2010

Follow Friday: I Don't Mean to Alarm You...

I interrupt your Friday evening to tell you about the following Important Things:

1. Is anyone else ready for Christmas?  I'm traveling to see family and friends over the week that I have off from work (breaks are even more fun when you're a teacher) and I'm getting more exciting with each passing day.


It's Follow Friday! This week's question is: what do you do besides reading/reviewing as a hobby? Well, I'm working a ton every week and making lesson materials, IEP materials, and whatnot, but that's not a hobby! I enjoy watching movies (especially kitschy ones- ooh! or old creature movies!) and I enjoy playing the Wii- I'm a huge Tetris fan. Huge.

3.  It wouldn't be a Friday without YouTube hilarity, and this week I have three offerings for you.

This one, apparently, is an advertisement for a Norwegian television show that, if my googling is correct, revolves primarily around 80s pop culture.  For those of us that are still sad that Mr. Leslie Nielsen is now cracking jokes in heaven, this commercial apparently started making the rounds a little while ago, so he would have seen and hopefully enjoyed it.

Happy Hannukah for those who participate! This video is not only a really creative reworking of a popular song to be educational, but is really funny to watch.

This last one needs a little bit of introduction.  I used to live downstairs from a guy who, periodically, would listen to this song for hours and hours on end. And because he was listening to it, that meant I got to listen to it too.  Here's another rendition, that features the real Kenny Rogers, a real dead Muppet, and a Muppet ghost. Creepy!

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