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Friday, December 17, 2010

Illustrated Friday: The Longest Night

Oh watercolors, you are so beautiful. I think the cover of this book is absolutely stunning- Ted Lewin's paintings jump right off the page. This would be a fitting book for winter solstice, or any other winter night, really. The text by Marion Dane Bauer is simple and sweet, with interactions between animals and lots of animal sounds. I had to read through this book twice- once for the text and once to just look at the pictures. It was a great experience, and would make a nice addition to a classroom library.


Tina said...

Just stopping by to say hi..!! The comments are off on your posts, but Im still coming around to read your reviews...>:D

I love that cover!!

Emily said...

Weird! I must have changed a setting accidentally. Or it could be because I wrote this post kind of awhile ago and scheduled it. It's a mystery, but I hope you have a great Christmas as well! :D

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