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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Play of Passion

Play of Passion (Psy/Changeling)Title: Play of Passion
Author: Nalini Singh
Page Count: 352 pages
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review was purchased by me

50 words or less: Everybody thinks Drew Kincaid is a happy go lucky guy who coasts through life on a smile, but nobody really understands what his actual job in the SnowDancer pack is. This is a problem for Indigo Riviere, a lieutenant, as there's no way she can be with a man who's less dominant than she is. Or so she thinks...

I'm pretty much in awe of authors who consistently deliver excellent, well developed, exciting, interesting books.  I was stoked for Play of Passion to come out, I read it the day it was released, and it lived up to my expectations in every way. Characters? Awesome. Romance? Awesome. Adventure? Awesome.  Awesome sauce is overflowing and spreading all over the place right now.

Play of Passion gives us a really detailed, thorough glimpse into the world of the SnowDancer wolf pack and how their hierarchy works.  This hierarchy, which is key to the success and health of the pack, is almost a character in and of itself as its interference in the blossoming relationship between Drew and Indie is the source of much of the conflict throughout the book. The bottom line is that Indie is an extremely dominant, independent woman and wolf, and isn't going to be happy in a relationship with someone who isn't her equal in every possible way.  Indie doesn't think that Drew measures up, to be perfectly honest, so Drew has to prove not only that he can handle being in a relationship with her, but that he's a guy worth being in a relationship with in the first place.

Drew and Indie are way more alike than either of them realize.  Both of them are deeply devoted to SnowDancer and play a critical role in maintaining its safety and viability; Indie in the well defined role of a lieutenant, and Drew as the tracker, who hunts members of the pack who have gone rogue but also is tapped into the less dominant members of the pack, listening to the woes and worries that can make a pack unstable.  As each learns more about the other, they start to realize that committing to one another makes them stronger then they are apart.

To be fair, they don't figure that out right away, and there's a ton of angsty yet delicious drama between these two that makes for excellent reading.  Because hey, if they fight, then they have to make up, which is definitely the best part.

While we're learning about the SnowDancer pack, the pack structure, getting our appetites whetted for Hawke and Sienna's book (hey hey) and watching Drew and Indie fall in love, we're also given the chance to see the increasing fractures going on on the Psy side of the fence.  Nikita and Anthony (Sascha's mom and Faith's dad) have formed an alliance to oppose the more violent members of the Psy Council, and everyone is starting to see that there's no such thing as a problem that only affects the Psy.  Everyone is going to have to take sides in the coming battles, whether they want to or not, and suffice it to say the coming battles will make for even more good books in the future.

If you haven't started this series yet, do it. Do it now.  Don't start here though!  Start with the beginning and read in order.  That's a totally decent reading goal for 2011, too, if you haven't picked one already.  Just saying.

Overall Grade: A

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