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Friday, January 21, 2011

Illustrated Friday: Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night

Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the NightThis week's illustrated book is Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night.  This book seriously has it coming and going- the illustrations are nothing short of stunning, the poetry would make an excellent addition to any school poetry unit, and there's a lot of interesting nonfiction information included as well (each illustration has a side caption describing a different nocturnal creature.)  According to the School Library Journal bit which is posted on Amazon, the "llustrations are bold, richly detailed linoleum prints colored in gouache."  And according to the World English Dictionary, gouache is "a painting technique using opaque watercolour paint in which the pigments are bound with glue and the lighter tones contain white," so not only did I discover an excellent illustrated book, but I learned a new word too!

To get a better feel for the seriously awesome illustrations, check out this video from the publisher:

Happy Friday!
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