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Friday, January 14, 2011

Illustrated Friday: It's a Book

Illustrated Friday is back in a big way, with the simple yet hilarious It's a Book by Lane Smith!  The title is the answer to the big question of the book, which is posed relentless by a technophile jackass who encounters a monkey who is, as you probably guessed, reading a book.  The book ends with the best retort a mouse ever had for a jackass who didn't understand the difference between a book and an ereader: "it's a book, jackass."

This book has caused all kinds of kerfuffle among folks who don't seem to realize that a jackass is another word for a donkey, but assuming that you can handle such riskiness, I definitely recommend checking this book out.  Even a dedicated ereader disciple like myself can appreciate the humor on every page.  Happy Friday!
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