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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off the Path Guest Post: Social Media with Sasha Soren, Episode 1!

Please join me in welcoming back Sasha Soren, author of Random Magic, for some thoughts, ideas and inspiration regarding Social Media and Book Promotion!

Twitter followers and others familiar with Sasha's presence on various social networking sites know that she's no stranger to pounding the pavement to get the word out about books, events, and opportunities for authors, bloggers, and fans of good books in general.  When I pitched the idea of a guest post regarding book promotion and social media, Sasha provided me with enough ideas, insight, commentary, and other good stuff for not one, not two, but five guest posts on the topic!  That's why, for the next week, you'll be getting an almost daily dose of ideas and ways to not only promote books and authors whose work you enjoy, but also to create interesting content for your own blog as well.  Here's what the schedule looks like:

Today (1/27)- Memes and Features- not just the same old same old!
Monday 1/31- Twitter- hashtags, related events, shoutouts, etc.
Tuesday 2/1- Features and Interviews
Thursday 2/3- Videos and Podcasts
Saturday 2/5- Book Mentions (Tuning into the News)

Why is this important?  First off, it's only natural that this miniseries on book promotion was spawned from the Off the Path feature, as indie authors (and most traditionally published authors too, let's face it) are doing the bulk of the promotion of their books themselves.  In many cases, they come home from a day job, greet their kids/loved ones/pets/chores, and when they have time or when they make time, they work on getting the word out about their book, trying to get it some recognition when there are thousands and thousands of other authors and books out there gunning for the same thing.  If the reception I've gotten from my inquiries related to Off the Path is any indication, many authors are game to anything that will promote a book in a positive light that also fits with their schedule.

Second, creative book promotion is a huge asset for a blogger to have in their posting arsenal.  I think we've all had those days/weeks/months (fill in the blank appropriately here people) where we can't for the life of us think of anything to blog about. Sasha is here with ideas for how to chase away the writer's block, get your posting schedule moving again, and help out authors/promote your favorite books in the process!

And with that, which is enough of my prattling for now, I'm turning things over to Sasha Soren!

Let's say, for an example, you have X title that you really like, and you'd like to help publicize the book, there are some simple but useful ways to help out:

photo credit: http://tinyurl.com/4e8f8c3

Does the book have an associated trailer? Then can include the trailer in a Trailer Tuesday or Trailer Thursday (like this one at Book Lover- Book Chicks), with a book summary and book link below.
Here's another great example: Random Magic Trailer Thursday at The Bookworms.

Memes - Fave quotes, teasers, and other tidbits
Do you have a weekly meme about book quotes? Then can include a quote from that book, with book summary and book link (a link to author's home page or blog or Twitter, and so on).

While memes are definitely something to consider using sparingly (I know personally my favorite parts of book blogs are always the reviews) you could definitely take a weekly feature and make it monthly, or occasional, or focused on a book that you especially enjoyed.  

Tune in on Monday for more social media ideas from Sasha, and thanks again to Sasha Soren for being a part of this extravaganza!

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