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Friday, February 18, 2011

Illustrated Friday: The Quiet Book

The Quiet BookIf I still had a classroom where naptime was a part of the daily schedule, this would be a book that I would read with the kids to talk about quiet, and what that means for different people.  Each page of the book is an illustration of a different kind of quiet, from "coloring in the lines quiet" to "think of a good reason you were coloring on the walls quiet" to "first snowfall quiet" to "best friends don't need to talk quiet" to "tucking in Teddy quiet."  This would be a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and get kids thinking about their favorite kinds of quiet.  They could even make pictures or murals or other forms of art to celebrate their favorite kind of quiet!  On the back flap of the book, the author says that her favorite kind of quiet is "cat sleeping on your stomach quiet," and the illustrator says hers is "drawing a picture book quiet."  What's your favorite kind of quiet?

Happy Friday everyone!
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