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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Off the Path Author Interview: Renee Reardon!

Please join me in welcoming Renee Reardon, author of Moonlight Bleu to the blog!

1. First off, congratulations on writing such an excellent book! Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it—how did the elements of Moonlight Bleu come together?

Aw…thank you, Emily!

Now let me think, the inspiration for Moonlight Bleu? I’ve always been fascinated by psychic phenomenon, preternatural creatures, and myths and legends. So when I ran out of paranormal books to read by my favorite authors (before the paranormal/urban fantasy genres became so fabulously popular!), I decided to write a book I’d want to read. Developing a plotline around psychics, vampires and a new kind of werewolf based on an old legend seemed natural after years of curiosity and research.

Moonlight Bleu’s title and a scene in the book were inspired by a picture a close friend took. Her shot captured a full moon hanging over Priest Lake. Moonlight colored the trees and meadow blue, while a reflection of the bright orb floated on the surface of the water. The incredible visual fed my imagination, and a new paranormal world was born.

2. Did the finished version of Moonlight Bleu differ from the original one and if so, in what ways?


Boy did it, and how! The original version lacked internal conflict and a strong pace. I cut, edited and rewrote the story...and then I cut, edited and rewrote the story again. I am blessed to have the most amazing critique partner. She helps me find plotline holes and character inconsistencies. (And she has the patience of a saint!)

After finding an interested publisher, I was assigned the best editor. (Are you sensing a theme here? It takes a lot of help from a lot of people to write a book.) I went through another round of edits that tightened the story, and the final version of Moonlight Bleu was printed!

3. I’ve been referring to you as an indie author. What is your definition of indie?

Keep in mind, my definition is based purely on my own experience.
I think the general understanding is an indie author is one that usually has no agent (I don’t), either self-publishes or finds a small publishing house that distributes digitally and uses a print on demand module, and handles most—if not all—of their own book promotion.

4. Is there such a thing as a typical writing day for you, and if so, what does it look like?

Oh, my. No one writing day is ever like the next. I have a husband with rotating shift work and two teenage daughters at home, work full time, and have additional work from my job after hours. So, I have to squeeze writing time in every chance I get. The fact I don’t sleep much helps! I write early in the morning before anyone else is up for the day. When court cases don’t run late, I spend my lunch hours writing as well. Evenings are for my family and reading…other authors’ work!

5. What are your favorite books, whether they be favorite books ever, or favorite books read recently? What titles do you recommend to people most often?

One of my all-time favorites is Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series. I also love Rachel Caine’s Warden series and Rachel Vincent’s Pride series (maybe it’s a Rachel talent!). I adore Gena Showalter, Jennifer Estep, Shannon K. Butcher, Carrie Jones, and Kim Harrison. Since these are my favorite authors, you can guess I recommend their books!

6. 2011 has just begun—what does the new year hold for you?

This will be a busy year!

I’m editing the second book in the Tueri Psychic series right now. I have started writing the third book in the Tueri Psychic series. My other current work in progress is a young adult book (half written) I’m hoping to have completed and submitted by May. Time permitting (chuckling madly), I’ve plotted another series and would like to start writing the first book for that storyline. Then, of course, I’ll be promoting Moonlight Bleu (currently) and Crimson Sunrise by the end of summer on fantastic sites like yours, Emily!

Thanks so much for having me. I always enjoy chatting about books…especially mine!


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