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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: An Unwanted Hunger

An Unwanted HungerTitle: An Unwanted Hunger
Author: Ciana Stone
Page Count: short novel length (kindle book)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: science fiction romance
Copy for review was obtained as a free read from Amazon by me
Show Me The Free Challenge info: I got this book for free from Amazon on 10/18/10

50 words or less: As a Dhampir, Resa's calling in life is to exterminate Vampyres, including Constantine, even though he makes her heart go pitter pat. When Resa discovers that nothing in her world is what it seems, the possibility of a relationship with Constantine suddenly becomes real.  And as it turns out, everything Resa knew about Vampyres was wrong too...boy howdy...

Let me start off by saying that this book is still a free read over at Amazon, so if the story sounds like something tantalizing and tasty for you, head on over and pick it up absolutely free!

On to the review- As I read this book this morning, I realized I'd completely forgotten what the story was about and why I'd downloaded it back in October.  I figured I'd dive right in and figure things out as I went along.  I realized this was a free read when I went to pull up the product page later in the day.  I'm pleased to say that this story was a pleasant surprise and seems to be the first in at least a trilogy, although I couldn't find any information on those books and what they would be about.

I do need to be fair and honest- this book is all over the place in terms of plot and story elements.  We have the paranormal element represented by the idea of the Vampyres (and I use the word idea very deliberately as nothing is as it seems in the world of this book) the science fiction element represented by Constantine's people and what their secret actually is, the erotic romance element represented by the fact that once Resa and Constantine give in to the attraction between them you need a crowbar to keep them apart, and there are elements of mythology and mystery in there as well.  There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of world building crammed into a relatively short novel, and the names of some of the people and places may be confusing or off-putting to people who aren't keen on those kinds of details in science fiction books.  If you like your plots nice and linear and your storylines straightforward and all your elements introduced in a nice row right in the beginning, then you may not enjoy the setup and delivery of this book.  I'm just saying.

This isn't to say that this is a bad book by any stretch of the imagination.  No, in my opinion, all of these elements worked really well together and jived to form an interesting, unique story.  Resa and Constantine, although they fall together fairly quickly considering all the obstacles they have to face, are a cute and sweet couple who are totally devoted to one another.  The setting and the big reveal about Constantine's people and what's really going on took this book in an entirely different direction from what I was expecting, and not many folks would attempt to take what appears at first blush to be a straightforward vampire PNR in this direction. 

Besides, who can argue with the price!  This book was a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.  I did a lot of searching to try to find the next book in the series and was disappointed that it's not yet available.  I'll definitely stay on the lookout and I'll definitely be reading it when it finally is released.

Overall Grade: A-
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