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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Social Media with Sasha Soren, Episode 3!

Sasha Soren is back with thoughts on features and interviews!

Features - Interviews

In addition to a review, are there any other interesting features you can think up for the book? It can be an author interview, or it can be more complex, like a feature about some particular aspect of the book.

For example, in Random Magic, the heroine is a young witch. So, in the Halloween tour, there was a feature about the particular items that a modern witch might use in particular rituals. There was also a love spell!

Features - Cinematic treats

There are some cool vampire (http://tinyurl.com/287wdcr) scenes in the book, so there were various features about vampire lore and legend.

There was even a movie night for readers, where they were able to watch a documentary (authorized for online viewing by the rights holder to the film) about finding the ‘real’ Count Dracula - that is, an exploration of historical figures or legends that might have inspired the novel Dracula (1897) - right there in the post.

Now, yes, these plans were generated by the author - but because a book blog is generally run by one person, was possible to informally discuss the idea and see if it fit in with the blog, and so on.

If one idea isn't that appealing, then of course you can find other ones, but there's an opportunity for synergy, there, and you won't find that in other media outlets, where it's a lot more impersonal.

Whereas in the book blogging world, events can be sort of tailor-made so that a blogger can enjoy the experience, also. Book blogging is a lot of work, it should be fun, not a chore.

So, in finding features generated by the book, always looking for something that might also be simple and fun. Or challenging and fun. The keyword here is fun - otherwise, why bother doing it, you know?

Reading is, ideally, something that makes you happy. Blogging is, ideally, something that makes you happy. And I understand and appreciate that, which is why I'm always on the lookout for something that might actually be quirky and enjoyable. Life's short, might as well try to have a good time along the way!
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