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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Elijah

Elijah (Nightwalkers, Book 3)Title: Elijah
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Page Count: 416 pages
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review was from my personal library

50 words or less:  What's the best way to cement an alliance? Marry into the family.

The Nightwalker series rolls on with Elijah, book the third, starring the leader of the Demon military and Sienna, the Lycanthrope queen that we met in the last book, in the starring roles as hero and heroine. The book gets off to a dramatic start as Elijah is terribly wounded by Ruth and her forces and Sienna has to first get him to safety and then save his life.

The Lycanthropes of the Nightwalker world are very different from weres and other shifters one may have encountered in the PNR world. Their society is a constantly changing one, and the reins are held by Sienna, who took them from her father after besting all comers and leading her people out of a vicious series of wars that were perpetuated by dear old Dad himself.  Sienna's been fighting ever since to ensure that she's a totally different kind of monarch, which means that she does not have time for entanglements of any kind, thank you very much.

Likewise, Elijah never figured his mate would be the fiesty monarch, and instead had figured that somewhere out there was a nice Druid that would be his other half.  Elijah doesn't do things by halves- when he commits to something, he commits completely, and he isn't about to start on this journey with Sienna if her heart is not in it or if she isn't going to be able to follow through.

This causes some problems for them as a couple, as it's not like either of them can just walk away from their responsibilities to their respective cultures. It almost reminded me of elements in a lot of contemporary stories where you have two people who are successful in their own rights, with established careers, spheres of influence, and responsibilities, and then you add in this incredible attraction and connection to another person and both folks have to adjust their worlds accordingly.  Life lessons learned from romance novels, #1- not all people handle change gracefully or as well as others.

The solution that's ultimately adopted to the problem of how Elijah and Sienna can be together as a couple without either of them compromising their own roles and responsibilities is a clever one, and it works well within the rules of the story.  We also get to meet Damien, Prince of the Vampires, and another faction of the Nightwalker world enters the fray against the ultimate evil- Ruth (the Joan Crawford of the supernatural world) and Mary (her freaky puppet daughter.)

The Nightwalker series is one of my favorite relatively-unsung PNR series- I should point out here that the Kindle versions of these books are quite a bit cheaper than their mass market counterparts.  Why not check out the series and experience the fun for yourself?

Overall Grade: A
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