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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: Motor City Witch

Motor City WitchTitle: Motor City Witch
Author: Cindy Spencer Pape
Page Count: novel length (ebook)
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review obtained via NetGalley in anticipation of an honest review

50 words or less:  When we last left witch Elise Sutton, she was trying to maintain a low profile, raise her daughter, and forget about the love of her life, Fae lord Aiden Greene.  She figures a magicless existence can't be that bad, but then her daughter is kidnapped and the person who's best able to help her find the people responsible is her ex. Lovely.

Yum yum.  After reading and enjoying Motor City Fae (check out my review here) I was stoked to find the next book in the series available on NetGalley as well.  The hits just keep on coming with this installment, which features plenty of appearances from familiar characters but devotes just the right amount of time to our leading couple at the same time.

We met Elise in the last book as the gallery owner who was supporting Meagan in her art career.  She had a lovable and precocious four year old daughter and we knew that there was a lot of History (with a capital H) between her and Aiden Greene; we didn't realize that Aiden may in fact be that precocious little girls' father.  To be fair, Elise truly doesn't think so; the birth of her daughter lines up with a horrible attack that she endured just after she and Aiden called it quits over Aiden's workaholism and Elise's desire for more from their relationship, and Elise isn't the kind of person to hide a baby from the father.

The shit still hits the fan when Aiden puts two and two together and comes up with the right answer.  He hasn't been happy since Elise left and when he sees the little girl with eyes like his, who's named after him, he immediately starts planning on how to convince Elise to give him another chance.  Aiden wants Elise to come back on her own terms and doesn't exploit the fact that she needs his help; the child being in trouble is the primary motivation for him helping, but the close contact with Elise is definitely a consideration.

I enjoyed the action and drama of this story.  There was definitely a sense of urgency as it turns out that Dina is not the first person in the supernatural world to vanish without a trace.  It's a race against time to find Dina alive and unharmed, and in the process, Aiden and Elise realize that the connection they shared has never gone away, and they manage to work out their issues and hangups in the process.

If I may make a recommendation, it is that you get a copy of Motor City Fae  and Motor City Witch together and be prepared to read them back to back.  Both of them are on the shorter side, and with the excellent romance with a serious shot of action and mystery, you'll have  a hard time waiting for the next book in the series to come out.  (Motor City Werewolf...now that has possibilities...)

Overall Grade: A
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