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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: On the Edge

On the Edge (The Edge, Book 1)Title: On the Edge
Author: Ilona Andrews
Page Count: 336 pages
Publisher: Ace
Genre: paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Copy for review was purchased by me

50 words or less:  Magic has divided the world into the Broken, the Edge, and the Weird.  Rose is a proud Edger with powers of her own and enough stress and worries to bury the average person. A lord of the Weird showing up at her door and demanding she marry him isn't in her plans in any way, but a powerful enemy makes that one of the least of her concerns.

I started this series right after I finished Magic Bleeds when I was desperate for something to ease the Kate Daniels withdrawal pains, and I can safely say that this book does the trick nicely.  The detailed world building, romantic tension, magic, mayhem, and epic battles are what I've come to expect from a book by this author duo, but the story itself and cast of characters was refreshingly unique.

I loved Rose as a heroine.  I didn't think anyone could displace Kate as my ultimate heroine but Rose does an admirable job.  Her demeanor, her level of responsibility, her brains, and her intense need to see her family and neighbors safe made her a sympathetic yet strong character.  I thought the way that her past and her experiences shaped her was realistic and that while she's definitely had a lot to deal with, she never gets bogged down in drama or agonizes over issues.  She makes decisions and acts on them; she doesn't sit around and wait for someone to rescue her.

It's ironic, then that someone who actually does want to swoop in and rescue her actually shows up on the scene.  Ostensibly, Earl Declan Riel Martel Camarine shows up on Rose's front step to convince her to marry him because her potent magical ability makes her a good catch for a Weird lord; his true mission in coming to the Edge, which is kind of like the spooky ghost town of the magical world, is a lot more complex than that.  He had figured meeting Rose would be an interesting means to an end but never anticipated that her situation would speak to him on such a personal level.

I really enjoyed the way that the fairy tale element of the story- Declan has to pass three challenges in order for Rose to accept his proposal- was woven together with the more urban fantasy element of defeating the evil magic sucking bad guy from the land of the Weird.  Both came together to deliver a really excellent paranormal romance; through the course of the three challenges, Declan really gets a chance to learn about Rose and what's important to her and how to be a good and deserving partner to her; through the battle against the evil, Rose learns that there's finally someone else in the world she can rely on who's worthy of her trust, and that taking a chance on a relationship with him is worth the risk.

I'm finally getting caught up on reviews for books I read during Christmas break, and while I haven't yet read Bayou Moon, I have high expectations.  Maybe I'll get to that one during the upcoming spring break in April.   It would certainly be a fun way to pass the time!

Overall Grade: A
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