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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: Seeing Eye Mate

Seeing Eye MateTitle: Seeing Eye Mate
Author: Annmarie McKenna
Page Count: novel length (Kindle format)
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review was purchased by me

50 words or less: Finding his mate in the midst of a hunt for a serial killer targeting mates is the pinnacle of bad luck as far as wolf shifter Prime Caelan Graham is concerned.  Tieran, his psychic mate, isn't too thrilled about it either, but they're both going to have to get over it, because the killer has them both firmly in his sights.

Shifter books are my favorite subgenre of paranormal romance by far, and Seeing Eye Mate is a decent enough addition to my collection.  While the story and characters don't cover any previously-unexplored ground, it's an older story (published in 2006) and so it'd be interesting to see where certain elements got their start. 

Anyway, Caelan as a hero is about as alpha as it gets- he's not only the leader of his shifter community, he's also in charge of keeping the mates of that community safe from the serial killer who's been targeting them.  Finding his own mate just makes the as yet unsuccessful search for the murderer that much more frustrating and dangerous.  Fate is not to be deterred, however, and Caelan decides to claim Tieran at the moment that he sees her trying to start her junker car in a bar parking lot.

Tieran has, to put it delicately, a little bit of trouble processing all that happens to her throughout the book- Caelan sweeping in to rescue her from a gross tow truck driver, Caelan showing up on her doorstep, Caelan being her mate and being attracted to her in the way of mates, and unprotected sex yielding one of its possible outcomes all seem to throw her for a loop.  Which is strange, considering that she has her own psychic powers that manifest in visions and is able to communicate telepathically with her dead grandmother.  You'd think her ability to suspend her disbelief would be a little bit more developed.  Just saying.

This is definitely a spicy read and a lot of the character development is carried by the fact that Caelan and Tieran are fated mates.  We get a small glimpse of what the shifter society in the book is like, and most of the conflict stems from Caelan asking Tieran to use her psychic powers and then not liking what she reveals or the possibilities that those visions raise.  Could it be that Caelan's twin, Eli, has been the worst kind of bad boy there is?  You'll have to read more to find out there.

Overall this is a fun story to curl up on the couch and enjoy.  While the revelation of the killer wasn't terribly climactic, it was interesting to see the relationship develop between Caelan and Tieran and my interest was sufficiently held to make me buy the second book in the series, Checkmate.

Overall Grade: B
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