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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

eBites: The Importance of Being Emily

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The Importance of Being Emily After two days of laying out in the sun (and with some really uncomfortable sunburn patches to show for it) I'm back in high style with some exciting news!

Robyn Bachar has a new story coming out!  I really enjoyed her debut, Blood, Smoke, and Mirrors, and have high hopes for this novella as well.  Check out the synopsis from Samhain:

Magic, matchmaking and murder...

Lord Willowbrook’s spring ball is supposed to be a magical celebration, but Miss Emily Wright is bored. The only outlet allowed for her magic is matchmaking—for others, not herself. Why bother? The only man she wants, Michael Black, is a man she can never have.

Suddenly the guests are abuzz with news of a young sorceress found drained of blood in the parlor. The mystery calls to her, and since she is the only available seer in all England, she jumps at the chance to prove herself.

Michael has spent his life preparing for his ritual death, when he will join the Order of St. Jerome as an immortal chronicler. Now that dream hangs in the balance, his mentor accused of the murder. Worse, gentle Emily, the woman he silently loves, is walking into a world of horrors beyond her imagination.

Torn between duty to the order and desire to keep her safe, Michael fights his growing need for a love that can never be his. All the while the real killer stalks the shadows of Willowbrook Hall, homing in on the next victim.
Product Warnings: This book contains a tough but tortured seer, a hero with an expiration date, scandalous kisses, scheming vampires and bloody corpses.

Sounds like a winner to me!  What good books are on your radar? 
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