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Friday, April 29, 2011

Illustrated Friday: Fairly Fairy Tales

Fairly Fairy TalesThis book combines several of my favorite things- fractured fairy tales, predictable text, and great illustrations!  Each series of pages lays out the salient points of a well known fairy tale, and then adds in a silly, implausible, but cute alternate ending or element.  For example, the Three Little Pigs are summed up as follows?

Sticks? Yes.
Bricks? Yes.
Solar Panels? Noooo!
...Well, maybe.

Because that's the rub!  The alternate ending or element is beautifully illustrated and detailed- who's to say the story couldn't have happened differently?

I can think of a ton of great uses for this book in a classroom.  It would definitely be a great read aloud, and you could definitely get the students involved in reading the predictable text.  Wouldn't it be fun for students to write their own fairly fairy tales, and maybe illustrate them too?  With my student population, this would be a fun way to do a structured compare and contrast activity, or having students recall story elements later on.  The possibilities are pretty endless, which is always nice.  Happy Friday!
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