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Friday, May 27, 2011

Armchair BEA: Blogging About Blogging

The theme for today's posts is blogging about blogging, and I'm combining that with the post theme from yesterday, nurturing blogging relationships. Mostly because these two ideas dovetail nicely together but also because I couldn't manage to do much more than drool on myself by the time I got home and settled yesterday.

But enough about me! What's there to blog about blogging? In a way, I'm not sure what I can contribute that hasn't been said already, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try! I do love a challenge.

The one element above all others that makes this little corner of the Internet universe so unique is the community of people that it's based on. We're fortunate enough to have one common interest (books and reading) that can manifest itself in a ton of different ways, but that doesn't make it impossible to bridge communication gaps and talk about things in a way that makes everyone welcome at the table.

When the book blogging community bands together, it's like a well-oiled machine of wit, literacy, and passion- kind of like this:

When the book blogging community goes off the rails, so to speak, it can be stressful, dramatic, stubborn, and mule-headed, kind of like this:

Yes, every once in awhile even the suave, debonair individuals of the book blogging world get caught up in the drama and betrayal of it all and the sparks tend to fly. Write negative reviews! Don't write negative reviews! Be friends with authors online! Don't be friends with authors online or your review outlet is UNPROFESSIONAL! Book bloggers sell books! No they don't! In My Mailbox is for selfish jerks! Your face is for selfish jerks! Duck season! Rabbit season!

The same issues seem to come up over and over and over again with little to no resolution, but there is a lesson that's a good one to keep in mind:

Someone will always think you are wrong, wrong, WRONG.

That's not meant in a mean way, or a condescending way; it just means that there will always be someone out there who doesn't agree with you or with what you're saying. Some people will be content to disagree privately; others will feel the need to prove that something is wrong on the internet and take their show on the road, so to speak.

What does that mean for all of us? It means we should be the most authentic, honest bloggers that we can be, and we should not apologize for any stand that was taken in good faith. You can write a negative review where you filet a book without criticizing the author's character; you can post the awesome books that came into your hands without being a jerk. And if, despite that, someone still has their panties in a wad over something you said or wrote, you can choose to acknowledge those opposing opinions or move on. People have a right to say what they want; they don't automatically have the right to a response from you.

To sum up my comments in a sentence, when it comes to blogging, be a ukulele orchestra, not a two-headed llama! And if that sentence made no sense, then you should go back to the top of the post and start from the beginning. :D
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