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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA: Tough Questions for Jenny from Take Me Away!

The fun keeps on rolling here with Armchair BEA at WBiT?!  I'm pleased as punch to be interviewing Jenny from Take Me Away!

Let's get down to it:

1.  First off, tell us a little bit about yourself/your family/pets/interests!
I am a big reader, of course. I work as a mental health therapist.  I have a husband of seven years and a spoiled Jack Russell Terrier, Lily.  As for interests, other than reading and blogging I don't have time for much else, LOL!  But I enjoy movies, going to the beach, theme parks (we have annual passes to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure), etc. I love taking advantage of what Orlando has to offer. Traveling has become a new love of mine, and I am obsessed with New York City! ;)  I read all types of books: contemporary/literary/and-or women's fiction, mystery/thriller, non-fiction.

2.  What made you decide to become a book blogger?
I decided to become a book blogger because I read so much and wanted an outlet to talk/write about what I was reading. It took me about a good year to get started though because at first I felt like, when it came down to it, I couldn't think of what to say!  My style and writing has evolved immensely since I started!

3.  What, so far, are your favorite parts of book blogging and the book blogging community?
What I love about the book blogging community is basically the large number of people there are to talk books.  Plus, I love reading others' reviews since there is no way I can possibly read all the books I want. I sort of feel by reading other reviews that I'm able to keep up with the industry and can even recommend or talk books that I haven't even read to non-bloggers.  I love that there are so many people for whom reading is normal and loved. As for book blogging, I love the writing factor.  My writing has improved so much.  I love being able to share the books I'm reading.

4.  What books do you find yourself recommending to other people over and over again?  What's the best book recommendation anyone has ever given to you?
Book recommendations are soooo difficult because people and their tastes are so different! Plus, I read so many different genres. This year I've started reading more non-fiction and I've actually recommended those books a lot.  Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea and Tangled Webs are two that I've recommended a lot.  I've also recommended Girl in Translation which was one of my favorite books last year!  I can't think of too many that have been recommended to me but one recommendation I got from other bloggers was for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close which is so far my favorite book this year and possibly ever!  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and To Kill a Mockingbird are recommendations I just recently read and, of course, The Help.  I didn't read that for a while after it came out but was finally convinced!

5.  Where do you like to do your reading?  Your reviewing?
I pretty much do all my reading and reviewing right here on the couch, LOL.  I always carry a book with me, even if it's just on the nook app on my phone so wherever I am I can read.
6.  What pieces of advice do you have for the blogging world? What advice have you been given that's been helpful for you?
My advice is to blog for yourself! Don't blog for any other reason because even then it can become tiring. Lots of people get burned out when they try to blog for others by keeping up with a schedule, keeping up with review books, etc. Some people get discouraged if they don't have as many comments as they'd like. What I've found is when it comes down to it, if no one read my blog or commented, I would still enjoy the process of thinking through my thoughts and writing them all down. Having people read and interact on my blog is a bonus!  As for advice I've been given, probably just validating these thoughts when I do get burned out.

Take Me Away

Many thanks to Jenny for answering my questions! If you participated in the blogger interviews, leave a link in the comments- I'd love to check out other interviews!
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