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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kit Iwasaki Guest Post and KINDLE GIVEAWAY!

It's party time, and everyone's invited!  I bring you the fine folks at 1889 Labs, who put out excellent, creative independent fiction!  To celebrate the month of May as well as some of their current releases, they are hosting a MASSIVE giveaway!

Ya RLY.  Anyway, here's what's up for grabs:

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Yes, the grand prize is a selection of 10+ advance ebooks and this baby:

 You can check out all the details at 1889 Labs, and as a hint, there are extra ways to get more entries listed there.

So what can you enter to win here, today! Well, the highly entertaining Kit Iwasaki, author of Vampire General: Intern with the Vampire is here today with an awesome guest post.  Two words: Pez vitamins. Remember: Every comment on this post is a chance to win AWESOME prizes, not least of which is an ebook copy of Intern with the Vampire!

Whew! And now, without any further ado, please welcome Kit Iwasaki!
Anatomy of a Writer by Kit Iwasaki

I think I first decided to be a doctor when I was four, after I stepped on a long, rusty nail and spent the day at the hospital. Something about that day stuck with me, because by the time I had my fifth birthday, I was asking for medical-themed toys, and had my cake decorated to look like a human heart. Oh yeah, I was that kid.

My teddy bear, Mr Higgins, had more surgeries than should really be legal. His appendix burst at least once a week, and I was damn good at getting to the damaged fluff with my round-tipped scissors. He and Mr Bunny had regular heart and lung transplants, and Cokey the turtle required a partial lobotomy after he arrived at our house at Christmas. It went better than his splenectomy: he went into septic shock and needed a massive dose of antibiotics shaped suspiciously like Pez.

I had a rotating cast of real friends, of course, all shocked and a little anxious about my obsession with medicine. One tea party with Julie from down the street turned into chaos when it was revealed her Barbie had accidentally ingested arsenic-laced beverages imported from Fairyland (where arsenic is a common spice, of course!) and would need a liver transplant to survive. I think Julie talked to me once after that, and she did not use nice words.

In high school, I adored biology. I didn't study so much as confirm. When the guidance counsellor asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" she got as far as "What d—" before I answered: "Doctor." I graduated top of my class, picked my college, and prepared to conquer premed in record time. I would be cutting open bodies soon, and I was elated in a slightly creepy way!

Then a funny thing happened: I became embroiled in one of the most dramatic love triangles you can possibly imagine. Well, it seems funny now, but back then it took over my life. It was like something out of a film: there were tear-soaked love letters, loud arguments at three in the morning, jealousy-inducing making out at four, and I was even proposed to at the check-in desk of an airport!

For two years, my life was a rollercoaster of emotions. I ended up turning to writing to stay sane, squeezing in writing time between classes, forgoing sleep to get the next story finished, pouring all the emotions onto the page. And that's when it hit me: I didn't really care about heart surgery at all... I cared about affairs of the heart.

I looked back and realized I'd always been this way: Mr Higgins' repeated appendectomies had driven his parents to abandon him at the hospital; Cokey the turtle went from a cold, distant miser to a fun-loving party animal after his lobotomy; and I can say with absolute certainty that Barbie's turn in the ICU brought her and Ken closer together (before he cheated on her with the nurse from the third floor, that is). I loved the drama of medicine, the passions and the ups and downs. And there was only one thing to do about it.

I dropped out of school and started writing books about vampire doctors.

You should probably be thankful for that, because honestly, I would've been a lousy surgeon.

AUTHOR BIO: Kit Iwasaki was midway through premed when she realized she loved the heart, but hated blood. It took her a few more years to figure out what to do with her freewheeling life, most of which is not fit to print in a bio. She decided to get back to what she was always doing anyway, and had been as long as she could remember: telling stories. Now she furiously scribbles out books for the Vampire General series, as well as other projects that will jump out at you when you least expect it.

REMEMBER, every comment on this post is an entry to win a whole bunch of prizes! The giveaway for the ebook copy of Vampire General ends Friday, 5/20, at 11:59 pm, and the winner will be announced on Saturday 5/21.  Comment away people!
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