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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sea Wolves Reading Circle: Because Pirates are Fun to Read About.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend so far and enjoying time with family and friends if it's a long weekend where you are.  I'm happy to be a part of another fun tour organized by the always whimsical Sasha Soren, author of Random Magic and a frequent visitor here at WBiT?.

The theme this time around is Pirates! I've been scouring the internet lately to find some fun, interesting, and unique books about pirates, and as a result my TBR pile has kind of swelled.  While some of these books are old favorites of mine, some of them are new discoveries that I'm looking forward to diving into in the future.

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High AdventureThe Princess Bride was admittedly the first book I thought of when thinking of pirates because of the Dread Pirate Roberts, the only hereditary pirate position I've come across in books.  This is one of my favorite stories anyway, and a situation where the book and the movie are equally as good.

Captured By a Rogue LordCaptured By a Rogue Lord has been reviewed on WBiT? here, and is making a return stop on this tour in all its swashbuckling goodness.  Fiesty Miss Serena decides to enlist the pirate Redstone to help her stop smugglers who are pillaging the coast near her family home, never realizing Redstone is actually Alex, Earl of Sevage, one of her neighbors and the guy that she (unknowingly) is nursing a huge crush for.  Sparks fly and adventure abounds!

Song of ScarabaeusChildren of Scarabaeus

Song of Scarabaeus was also reviewed here at WBiT? and is one of the best sci-fi romances I've come across lately.  Space pirates play a big role in this one, which is the first book in a two book series.  Trust me when I say that you'll want to get both of these together.

Children of Scarabaeus is the incredibly good follow up to Song of Scarabaeus, and was reviewed here at WBiT?.  While the pirates are less prominent here in this novel, the repercussions of their actions and their motives play a big role in the story and the resolution of the Big Conflict.

Bound By The Heart

Heads up! Bound by the Heart is a free read in the Kindle store right now!  Check out the description: In this swashbuckling adventure Captain Morgan Wade, a notorious privateer and blockade-runner, rescues, then kidnaps the daughter of the British governor of Barbados after she and her brother are shipwrecked. Summer Cambridge is betrothed to Wade's arch-enemy, Commodore Bennett Winfield, who will go to any lengths, even start a war between two countries to get her back.
Sounds good to me!

The Wicked Lady

I discovered this one on the Samhain Publishing website and it sounds naughty, naughty naughty.  The Samhain disclaimers always crack me up but this one is very telling:

Nice girls love a sailor. Naughty girls are quite partial, too.
When a man she thought she loved offered Lady Catherine Harcourt a life wrapped in a velvet bow, she took it. That life wrapped her in velvet chains. Now her status as a respectable widow allows her virginal alter ego, Cecily, to relieve milksop-for-blood dandies of their riches and go back where she belongs. The sea—aboard her pirate ship.
The one knot in her sail is Paul Ambury. Daring, irresistible, and a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Yet the temptation to indulge in his gorgeous body—all in the name of the plan, of course—is too much to resist.
Paul has known his share of empty-headed society women, and fiercely intelligent Catherine doesn’t fit. When he wakes up adrift in a longboat after a blazing night together, he knows why. She took him for a fool—and took his ship. Plus, the evil little genius has him neatly trapped. If he reveals why he lost his ship, he faces court martial. If he does his duty, he must find her and hang her—the one woman with whom he’s fallen in love. Damn it…
Product Warnings: This book includes graphic sex and language, sexy sailors and saucy pirates trying to get one over on each other in the bed…on the floor…on that handy table…
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