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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Trace of Fever

Trace of Fever (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor)Title: Trace of Fever
Author: Lori Foster
Page Count: 393 pages
Publisher: HQN
Genre: romantic suspense
Copy for review provided by Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc. in anticipation of an honest review

50 words or less: Corrupt businessman and human smuggler Murray Coburn is a swollen boil on the butt of humanity who's about to get lanced.  The question- who will do the lancing?  Trace Rivers, the mercenary who's undercover as Coburn's bodyguard?  Priscilla Patterson, allegedly Coburn's long-lost daughter?  Or someone else?  And considering that Trace is undercover and Priss has a list of secrets a mile long, their mutual attraction is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

Before we get started, contemplate this:
This is the beach on which I envisioned myself sitting and reading this book while my skin fried off (and yes, I do live way closer to another beach, but that one doesn't have palm trees growing on it.  Work with me here.)

Trace of Fever is the consummate beach book.  All the ingredients of a great page turner are here- a sassy leading couple, a really evil bad guy whose ultimate demise is truly satisfying, a spicy romance, and a supporting cast of characters whose appeal was immediate; I found myself wanting to first go back and read the first book, When You Dare, and to then get all excited about book the third, Savor the Danger, which comes out June 28th. 

I try not to read books in a series out of order, and while I admit the first chapter was a little jarring (having not read the first book in this series yet I'm not sure if the storyline here is started there or not) I dove right in with the characters and got sucked right into the story.

Murry Coburn is a seriously bad guy.  His accomplice, Helene (Hell) is just as bad.  I think my favorite facet of a good escape book is when the bad guys are thoroughly defeated, since we know that all too often justice is slow in coming in real life. 

Trace and Priss are a great couple- they have a ton (and I mean a ton) of secrets to overcome and emotional baggage that has to get checked, and the secrets are not the usual run of the mill stuff.  Add into the mix that Trace's cover is blown if word gets out that they have feelings for each other and that Priss's situation is precarious as it is and there's drama everywhere you look.

The happily ever after was worth waiting for, and the ground is set for a great third book as well.  As a newcomer to Lori Foster's books I'll definitely be seeking out other titles.

Overall Grade: B+
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