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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Doodling + 10 Copy GIVEAWAY!


What Book Is That Giveaway Carnival!

DoodlingTitle: Doodling
Author: Jonathan Gould
Page Count: 28 pages
Publisher: self-published
Genre: comic fantasy
Copy for review provided by the author in anticipation of an honest review

Synopsis: Neville Lansdowne fell off the world.

Actually he did not so much fall off as let go. The world had been moving so quickly lately and Neville was finding it almost impossible to keep up.

Doodling is an engaging comic fantasy which relates the events that befall Neville after he finds himself abandoned by the world and adrift in the middle of an asteroid field. Douglas Adams meets Lewis Carroll (with just a touch of Gulliver’s Travels) as Neville wanders through his new home, meeting a variety of eccentric characters and experiencing some most unexpected adventures.

I don't think I've ever described something as a "romp" before, but the word definitely applies to the experience of reading Doodling.   As a lifelong fan of Douglas Adams and The Phantom Tollbooth and that style of writing and sense of humor, Doodling was a true joy to read. 

That in and of itself is high praise, but the wry humor and deadpan delivery were spot on, and I laughed from the beginning of the book until the end.  Through all the laughs, though, is a message that definitely rings true- as chaotic and fast-moving as life can be sometimes, we can slow it down by focusing on little things that make us happy.

The hero of our story is Neville and the repercussions of his decision to get off the world.  From starting his own country on an asteroid (and leaving it when he realizes that a rock is simply not a proper president) to discovering a colony of people who worship toasters to ultimately having to save the world from its own breakneck pace, Neville finds himself in the thick of things.

I've read other reviews that say that this would make an excellent illustrated book and I wholeheartedly agree.  Despite being a very short story, the descriptions of the people and events were vivid and I could totally imagine some of my favorite illustrators having a field day.

This is the perfect story to unwind with after a long, trying day.  Short, sweet, and to the point, there's a lot to love here.

On to the giveaway!  Jonathan Gould has generously offered up TEN DIGITAL COPIES to participants in the carnival!  To enter, simply put your information in the form below.  There will be ten winners of this giveaway!  Once you've done that, don't forget to leave a comment on this post saying you entered the Doodling giveaway for another crack at the $25 Amazon gift card!

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