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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: Dark Taste of Rapture

Dark Taste of Rapture (Alien Huntress 7)
Title: Dark Taste of Rapture
Author: Gena Showalter
Page Count: 464 pages
Publisher: Pocket
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review provided by the publisher in anticipation of an honest review


With one caress, he can give unforgettable pleasure . . . or unending pain. . . .
Hector Dean is shaved, tattooed, and totally ripped—and he has a deadly secret. He is a walking weapon, capable of killing with a single brush of his fingertips. Little wonder he’s determined to remain on his own. But Noelle Tremain is a temptation like no other. She is beautiful and rich, with a party girl smile that hides a shocking vulnerability, and from the beginning his sizzling attraction to her is undeniable. For the first time, his stone-cold resistance is tested. But to be with her, he risks destroying her.

When a wealthy businessman is murdered in New Chicago’s seediest district, the two are partnered, and there’s no escaping what they both want: each other. Yet neither Hector nor Noelle knows what to fear more—the killer case, or their own lethal desires. . . .

Fans of tortured heroes, you just got served.  This is another series I'm really, really behind in, but it was totally worth jumping back in with this installment.  Hector and Noelle grabbed me and didn't let me go, and even when things looked bleak I was rooting for them the whole time.

Hector takes being from the wrong side of the tracks to a new level.  Not only is he overcoming a pretty tragic back story, but he's also trying to come to grips with the fact that his ability (which is a pretty horrific one to have) means that any chance of a relationship, physical or otherwise, with anyone is pretty much shot.  His feelings for Noelle take awhile to develop, but they are intense, and he's determined not to give into them.  Underneath it all, while he says that this is for Noelle's own protection, in reality, it's for his; he would be devastated if anything ever happened to her, especially at his hand.

Noelle is a character that I don't remember from the few Alien Huntress books that I've read, but in this book she puts on a good show of convincing people that she's a Kardashian wannabe- spoiled, rich, and without a care in the world, but in reality she desperately wants to forge an identity based on her own skills, abilities and beliefs, independent of her family connections.  Falling for Hector is one of the facets of that identity, and she's willing to do what it takes to make herself happy.  She can only hope that she can convince Hector to come along for the ride.

The interplay between the characters was riveting in this book.  Hector and Noelle go back and forth and run hot and cold; Noelle knows Hector has the power to hurt her on so many levels and doesn't want to, and that for her is enough to take a chance on a relationship.  Hector isn't so sure, and like I said, doesn't truly believe that he's worthy of a relationship with anyone.  Noelle helps him realize his own worth, and only when that happens do these two really have a prayer.

There are so many good series in the world that it's hard to keep up with all of them.  This one (Alien Huntress) is one that had kind of fallen by the wayside for me, and after reading this latest installment I need to get caught up. Now.

Overall Grade: A
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