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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Years Ago Today, a Blog Was Born.

Harry Potter cupcakes made and photographed by Isa Herzog. Why oh why does she not live/work near me? Sigh.

Yes, What Book is That? is two years old today! It doesn't seem like so long ago that I was thinking I'd just keep a record of what I was reading and what I thought about it and that would be that.  Clearly, this has evolved quite beyond that, for which I have many other people to thank.  To all the publicists, authors, publishers, readers, and fellow bloggers out there- thank you!  You've all helped to make this endeavor what it is today, and I'm looking forward to another great year ahead.
With that said, what is there to look forward to here at What Book is That? for the rest of 2011?

Well, I'll tell you:

A new layout! I finally took the plunge and committed to getting my layout redone.  I'm on the list at Use Your Imagination Designs with an ETA of this fall! I'll keep you posted once the facelift is over, but I'm super excited!

A new approach to illustrated books! Illustrated Friday was fun, but I'm moving in a different direction.  The downside- illustrated books will be featured on a more sporadic basis here at WBiT?.  The upside- not only will there be more of them in each feature post, but the posts will be THEME BASED! Stay tuned!

A second indie giveaway festival! December 2011 is going to be EPIC.  Just wait until you see all the great things that will be happening!

A fully updated review archive! This one will take awhile as I'm only up to last year in my cataloging, but it's in the works!

TONS of reviews! The next few months are absolutely JAM PACKED.  I have so many great authors and books on board to talk about!

I'm also taking on a special project to keep myself motivated to keep the reading and reviewing happening in the coming months!
 My library (Virginia Beach Public Library) has an ongoing fundraiser going to raise $50,000 to buy new books and materials for the collections.  They're off to a great start but there's a long way to go!  As a result, I'm starting my own personal fundraising campaign- for every book I read and review here at What Book is That? between now and December 31, 2011, I'll donate $1 to the Stock the Shelves Campaign. My goal is $50 but I'd love to raise more than that. I guess it's up to me, right? Check out my campaign page here!

Lots of good stuff in the works- stay tuned and thanks for all of your support!
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