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Friday, September 30, 2011

Armand Rosamilia Guest Post and GIVEAWAY!

Today my guest is Armand Rosamilia, horror author and indie publisher, who's stopping by with a peek into a day in the life of an ebook publisher as well as a giveaway that should get you in the mood for Halloween!

A Day In The Life of A Publisher
How I Spend My Sunday Mornings
Armand Rosamilia

Besides being a world-class rich and famous author (sarcasm!) I dabble in publishing as well. So far this blog tour (Skulls World Blog Tour 2011, shirts and bumper stickers coming soon!) has focused on my writing, but today I'll tell you about publishing… you know, all the tricks and smoke and mirror stuff that goes on behind the scenes to make me a rich publisher (yeah, more sarcasm!).

Typically, my Sunday mornings are the best times to get into the routine. Everyone in the house is still asleep, I sneak out of bed at seven and make coffee. You have to make coffee first or you're wasting your time.

I open up the laptop, pop open several websites - my various e-mails, the Rymfire website, Facebook, Amazon - and by then the coffee is ready. Add tons of sugar and some fancy creamer and you're ready.

Ready for what? Most of the time I have several projects going in various states. Take this past Sunday, for instance: I'll spend time posting on Facebook, my own blog and a bunch of message boards to promote all of the recent releases Rymfire has just come out with. I usually begin this first, to get me going and get into the groove. I'll talk about a recent book, add a few comments on GoodReads and Amazon, maybe respond to a couple of posts that pique my interest.

Once that first cup of coffee is done I get serious, making a list on a Post-It for the day, with all of the projects and where I stand with each. I try to get each of them 1-3 steps ahead.

What are the steps? Generally, an anthology release (for me) goes through these steps:
1. Read submissions as they come in if possible, and make a short-list of the ones I like and immediately reject the ones I didn't…
2. Once my short-list is done and the reading period is over, I put all the potentials onto one list, along with word count and basic storyline. The plot needs to be one or two sentences so I get a general idea and not have too many of the same ideas overlapping.
3. I pick the final stories I like, and put them in a potential order. Then I reject the ones that almost made it.
4. I send out the congrats on the ones that made it, followed within a day or so by…
5. The contracts, along with the ask for bios, payment info, and anything else I need.
6. Once the contracts are all back and signed, I begin formatting the stories in the order I selected. I never start putting the book together until all the contracts are back. Superstition.
7. I edit the stories as they stand, making them as uniform as possible and checking for the flow once again.
8. Once I'm happy with the order, and the bios are added as well as the title page, table of contents, etc. I send out a word doc of it to the authors for a last-look at their tales, in case I missed something. No matter what I do, I always miss something.
9. Everyone e-mails me corrections in a timely manner (I wish) and then I do the last look-over and make the corrections.
10. I start uploading it to Lulu (print copy) and then SmashWords and then Amazon Kindle. That's always the order I do it in, don't know why.
11. I sit back and start watching the cash roll in, sometimes swimming in the bills like McScrooge in those cartoons.

OK, except for number 11, that's pretty much the steps I take. Of course, there are a few minor things you need to do in the meantime and some steps take a couple fo hours and others take days, so I try to keep the steps moving along.

I recently put together the State of Horror: Massachusetts horror anthology, while reading for the State of Horror: California horror anthology. At the same time the initial volley of stories for the upcoming Rymfire Erotica horror anthology was coming in, so I was reading those as well. My Sunday was spent reading potential stories while finishing off a pot of coffee, making two pork roll sandwiches (if you don't know what that is, you haven't lived! Trust me, it's the only breakfast staple if you're from New Jersey) and then taking the anthologies through as many steps as possible. And doing all of this without waking anyone in the house and hoping they sleep in until noon.

I'll try to catch up a few steps during the week as well as take care of my own writing, but Sunday mornings are spent on Rymfire business.

So, to summarize: two pork roll sandwiches will get you through a Sunday morning.

Attention writers!  Check out the ubmission guidelines and what's open for submissions at Rymfire: http://rymfireebooks.com/submissions.html

And there you have it!  I have to say, I make a lot of contacts with people on the author and reader sides of the book equation, but not so many on the publishing side, so it was neat to get a peek into another facet of how stories get into my hot little hands.  With that said, on to the giveway!

Armand has offered up a copy of the State of Horror: Massachusetts anthology that was mentioned in his post.  To enter, just leave a comment on this post and make sure you include a way to contact you.  That's it!  The giveaway ends Friday, October 7th at 11:59 pm EST and the winner will be announced the following Sunday.  Good luck and Happy Friday, and thanks again to Armand for having me as a part of the Skulls 2011 Blog Tour!
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