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Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Plans: The Read Your Own Books Readathon!

Monica from The Bibliophilic Book Blog is again hosting the Read Your Own Books Readathon! This is a perfect chance to make some room on your shelves, so to speak, and is exactly what I'll be doing!

My readathon goal is simple: read five books that belong to me. I haven't picked out which ones or thought about whether they'll be print or digital, I'll go with the flow when it comes to that, but I'm shooting for five books in two days. We'll see how I do!

Halloween candy is already out and that's fine by me, as I have a huge bag to snack on this weekend! I'm also planning on getting some puffy blankets out and camping out in my living room and enjoying a relaxing weekend with books.

What are your readathon plans? If you're not doing the readathon, what books are on your radar?
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