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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Special Guest Post: Julie from My Five Monkeys!

As we all gear up for more holiday cheer than we know what to do with, please welcome my good friend Julie from My Five Monkeys to the blog! I know I'm trying to figure gift ideas for the people on my list, so Julie's stopping by with some suggestions!

Books and Christmas

I love to give them and receive them . My dear husband isn’t a fan of giving me books any more. I do like to make sure that my kids get them for Christmas.I do find books in my kids reading range or something that interests them.

For a while one of my kids was into Hello Kitty, and most of my girls have been interested in the Disney princesses books. My son was into Ben 10 for a while , so I got him some books.

I don’t usually buy my DH books but his mom has bought him some church books for him for Christmas. I like both cooking books and reading books so if I usually just ask for a gift card so I can pick my own books.

There are always good deals for books through Scholastic for kids. I also now have my kids on the Barnes and Noble kids program. My dd who celebrated a birthday, she got a dessert from BN. There are some great programs for kids.


Thanks Julie!  Having used the Scholastic book order in the past to get gifts for folks I can say that that is an awesome resource, and supports a classroom at the same time!  There's usually a special gift catalog that has boxed sets and other cool stuff, so if you're participating in a gift drive at church or work or wherever that's a nice suggestion too.
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