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Friday, December 23, 2011

Review and GIVEAWAY: Faery Merry Christmas

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Title: Faery Merry Christmas
Author: Jacquie Rogers
Page Count: 197 KB
Publisher: self-published
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review provided by the author in anticipation of an honest review

Romance has gone awry in Faeryshire.

Who would've thought Mr. and Mrs. Claus's daughter would be "on the shelf"? Yep, Cheshya's all a'flutter because her 2,000th birthday, the last day she's eligible to take a mate, is on Christmas, only four days away, but Liam of the Red Clan, the only man she has ever wanted is otherwise occupied . . .

Terra Humanus in 1956: carhops on roller skates, the submarine races, a pink Nash Metropolitan, Lucky Strikes, Little Richard, and the Shoreline Sharks Baseball Club starring ace pitcher Liam Stone.

For the past five years, Liam of the Red Clan has lived in Terra Humanus, pitching for the Shoreline Sharks and obsessed with signing as a major league pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds. The faery queen sends Cheshya to help him achieve his goal, but in signing with the Reds, will he lose out on his true heart's desire?

What will it take to make a Faery Merry Christmas?

As we're all gearing up to finish strong this holiday season, fitting in longer periods of reading can be a challenge. Sometimes a shorter book or story is the perfect thing, and for those who enjoy festive or holiday themed stories, here's one that may not have entered your airspace.

I think my favorite thing about holiday stories is the fact that no matter what else goes wrong, the spirit of togetherness always triumphs, and that's the case with Faery Merry Christmas.  It's a lighthearted story that's heavy on the happily ever after, and while there wasn't ever a moment that I seriously though the main couple were in danger of falling off the path to that happily ever after, it was a quick and fun story that was nice to read while sitting next to my parents' Christmas tree.

Cheshya is under the gun, so to speak, because she's only got a few days before she officially leaves the faery dating pool forever.  She's not optimistic about her chances of tying the knot in the time frame allotted, so instead she goes on a quest where she has to bring disgruntled faeries back around to the point where they want to come back to the faery fold.  Easy enough, right?

Well, as luck (or someone anyway) would have it, her first wayward faery is the guy she's carrying a torch for, and the one that's made it impossible for anyone else to measure up to his example.  Cheshya grows tremendously as an individual and learned that sometimes, even when you are faery royalty, things just aren't all about you:
The Queen's Quest showed me how to be useful to others and not be so protective of my own needs. For the first time, I understood the purpose and strength of following one's dream, and maybe I should have some dreams of my own that I could control, not that depended on someone else making a decision for me. I no longer had a dream. Or hope.
I enjoyed the various details and the setting elements that were included to add realism- the author's note about the minor league baseball teams and the drive ins made it clear to me that the story incorporated elements that the author had an interest in, which is something I always enjoy in a story.

How, precisely, do things work out with Liam and Cheshya, and what sacrifices do they each have to make to get there?  You'll have to read the book to find out!

Jacquie Rogers has graciously offered up one digital copy of Faery Merry Christmas to one lucky winner here during the festival!  To enter, fill out the form, and that's that!  Good luck!

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