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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review and GIVEAWAY: Fruitbasket from Hell

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Title: Fruitbasket from Hell
Author: Jason Krumbine
Page Count: 502 KB (Kindle format)
Publisher: One Stray Word
Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy, first in a series
Copy for review was obtained as a freebie from Amazon


Steven Raines (you know, the man who made billions making an operating system that out-Microsoft-ed Microsoft?) has hired Alex Cheradon(private investigator) to look for his missing daughter. Good news: It's a million dollar payday. Bad news: she may be a Satanist hell bent on bringing the Devil to Earth.

The dead bodies are piling up. Vampires are crawling out of the woodwork. And there's something named Pookie that's lurking around the corner.

Breathtakingly paced, the jokes and wisecracks fly fast as Alex races against the clock to save the day.

This is Book 1 in the Alex Cheradon Series.
When I reviewed another of this author's books back in July for my last indie extravaganza (that book was Two and a Half Dead Men for those playing along at home) the aspects of the story that were most enjoyable to me was the wry, witty narrative and the banter between the characters. I'm happy to report that the hits just keep on coming in this story, which is a totally different series and features a totally different cast of characters.

Alex Cheradon is a lazy private investigator, the holder of a massively painful debt to a loan shark named Giggles, and spends most of his time trying to avoid one calamity or another. Fortune seems to smile upon him in the form of super rich techno god Steve Raines walks into his office and offers Alex a million dollars plus his regular rate and expenses to find his missing Satanist daughter; Fortune likes to play jokes apparently, and Alex embarks on a seriously twisted journey from there.  Add in a seriously disturbed ex business partner and Alex has a lot on his plate.

The story twists and turns and there's more length here to work with and therefore more details in the story, so keeping everything straight takes a little more effort on the part of the reader.  There is some history between the characters too, but it doesn't bog the story down and it's easy to keep track of.  There are also some supernatural elements here as well, but there's no complicated worldbuilding or rules of engagement to keep track of- vampires are mindlessly evil and want to suck your blood, demons are evil and want to wipe you off the map, full stop.

Like I said, the wit and the snappy one liners are here in force, and here is just one example, from a conversation between Alex and Nick, his assistant:
“Christian’s back in town.”
“Would that be the same Christian who used to be your partner and then went suddenly insane and tried to kill you?”
“Do you know any others?”
"No, but there are a lot of people who want to kill you, I just wanted to make sure that there weren’t any others named Christian.”
“You know, if I kill you, no one would ever know.”

Jason Krumbine has graciously offered up a digital copy of Fruitbasket from Hell to one lucky winner!  To enter, simply fill out the Google form.  Good luck!

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