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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bringing Home Baby!

Bet that got your attention! 

No, the baby being brought home is my early Valentine's Day gift- a new Kindle!

 This time around I opted for the simple and sweet Kindle Touch- it's small, it's light, it isn't white like my old one, and even though it's the Special Offers version, I don't find the ads intrusive like I thought I would.  Shows you what I know!

I had deliberated going for the Kindle Fire, but I've pretty much committed in my mind to buying an iPad before the end of 2012 as it'd be a great resource to use with my students as well as other cool things and two tablets just seemed like too much, you know?

Anyway, I'm super excited about this!  New shinies are fun anyway, but new e-readers might be my favorite of them all.  Have a great Saturday everyone!
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